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After seeing his chats and all, I told him if he is cheating then I would leave him and he said suit yourself. That I am the one who pushed him to cheat. That many women do surgeries to attract men and he as my husband is begging me to do it so he will not stray yet I am being selfish cos I do not want him to enjoy what he likes. He gave me contact of a plastic surgeon in SA. That the doctor is very reliable, that he has done for many celebrities.

He even said its very normal procedure, that its like having a CS. That many women have CS. That after the br3@st$ enlargement, that he would want a bvtt enlargement too. I feel so body shamed and its really killing my self esteem. I feel inadequate …this same body that I used to be very proud of….cos I do not struggle with fat and weight problems.

So, my husband is cheating cos he said I pushed him to do it. We are hardly speaking to each other except when it has to do with the children. I have cried and prayed and yet nothing has happened. I started to go to the gym last month to work on my body but I am really pained by the fact that I am being forced to work on my body that is perfect in my eyes but just cos my husband wants to see me look a certain way, I am no longer perfect for him.

I am unhappy. The gym workouts may help a bit ….maybe after some months or a year but my b00b$ may not be as big as he wants. And working out makes me tired and sometimes, my body breaks down. I am tired and it  feels like I have no option than to allow my husband cheat and leave me in peace…until I cant take it anymore and maybe leave finally.

Please, if you have ever been in my shoes, how did you handle this matter? what advise do you have for me, I really do not want my husband to leave me cos I love him…is surgery the only way out?


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