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I been in a toxic relationship for almost two years now. I call it toxic because we always quarrel and make up and quarrel and make up all the time. Both of us cant seem to live without each other but we always have an issue with one thing and that is the fact that I do not know how to cook.

It may sound strange for an African woman not to know how to cook but my case is not just that I don’t know how to cook, I do not like to cook. This is because I grew up with my dad who is a single dad. My dad and mom separated when we quite young and he never remarried but had several girlfriends. My dad never told us where our mother went cos we never saw her until I was 21 years old.

Myself and my brothers were shipped to boarding school and university all the time. Even holidays, we were not allowed to cook cos it was from one girlfriend to another, no real mother figure in our lives. One time, I tried to cook noodles for me and my brother, I almost burned down the kitchen. The napkin I was holding caught fire and I panicked and ran outside with it.

My dad banned me from going near the gas saying I wanted to burn down his house. I hated cooking. So, every relationship I was in, I told the guy upfront that I cant cook. And that was a turn off for many guys. But God gave me another skill which I used in keeping guys around. Spending too much time on my own as a child, I got into sx quite early. I watched lots of blv3 films, explored all kinds of sx and I can say I am extremely skillful in that area.

So when I met my current boyfriend two years ago, I told him I don’t like cooking, he laughed and said he will teach me. I told him I don’t want to learn and he said he will change my mind. Well, I fell for him and he fell for me cos you know, the sx is phenomenal. So, when he tried to make me learn how to cook, I always refused and it turns out bad.

Then he started accusing me of not wanting to make compromise for love. We broke up. But after three months, he missed me and came back and that is how we have been making up and breaking up for two years now. He eventually proposed to me and I accepted cos I feel we both know our weaknesses and strengths. After all, no relationship is perfect.


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