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However, when he told me his mother was coming to Lagos to visit, I told him that I hope his mother knows I cannot cook and he laughed and said its no problem. So, the mom came and she started making trouble. That which kind of wife will her son marry …that is it her son that will be cooking for me. I told her we will get a chef or eat out. This woman insulted the living day light out of me and cursed me:saying my mother did not train me well.

Well, its true, my mother did not train me cos she left us but that she would insult my mother, I could not take it. I told her to go to hell and that if she cannot accept me, then her son too can leave. She reported me to her son and her son got angry with me. Saying I should not have insulted his mother no matter what . After all, its him am marrying not his mother.

I apologized to his mother and she then said that will only accept my apology if I can let her teach me how to cook. That she sees her son loves me and that she does not want him to eating another woman’s food when we got married. Because of love, I agreed and she taught me how to cook a few meals.

When she left, I decided to try my hands on one of the dishes she taught me. Which was ogbonor soup. I did everything she taught me but instead of my boyfriend to appreciate it, he said it was horrible and that I should not bother with cooking since he already loves me the way I am. I felt bad cos he flushed the entire pot of food in the toilet. Well, thank God he accepted my fate.

Only for me to wake up that night, my fiancé was not in bed with me. And I checked, he was not in the toilet. I got up to look for him and found him in the sitting room on the phone. He was talking to someone which I found out was his friend. He was telling him about my horrible pot of soup. And laughing at me. Saying he is only hooked to me cos of sx that he will definitely have a side chick when we marry who will be giving him both good sx and good food.


He said that will be my punishment for not learning how to cook. I called out his name and he quickly cut the call. I then asked him if that was his plan: to marry me and still have a side chick to be sx!ng him and cooking for him? He said he was just kidding…that its just guys talk… he was boasting. But I am worried. What if he was not joking? He already apologized but my heart is not at ease anymore.

Like I said, in two years, we have broken up and made up up to four times. I do not want that when I get married cos I know what my parents breakup did to me. I told my fiancé that maybe we should take a break and he got upset. Saying I am taking things too serious, that he was just joking with hi friend. Even his friend texted me that it was a joke but I still have a little fear at the back of my mind.


Please do you think I am being paranoid for nothing? Was he really just trash talking or joking? My not being able to cook and not liking to cook, will that be a deal breaker in our marriage? I know the sx will make him never leave me (he has sworn that I am the best he has ever been with) . Even his friend said it, that my fiancé is always boasting that I am a beast in the bedroom. So, they are even discussing my sx life…chai…are men so gossipy like this?Is that enough though for us to have a peaceful marriage?

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