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A protective guard I had built around my body and heart for almost six years.

He gave me hope that maybe God had changed his plans for me and I could finally enjoy true love.

For the first time in my life, I found in Wunmi a man who wasn’t interested in my money. Yes. He spent money on me and gave me a picture of what romance was all about. He gave me hope for the future as I started envisioning a life with him for all eternity as against my previous feelings that I would spend my old age alone and cold.

We dated for 7 years and Wunmi never for once talked about us moving forward into marriage.

I was scared of losing him and throughout that seven years, I never asked him about what the future held for us. Not for once.


I concentrated on being the best woman he could ever get. I felt I was too old to start behaving like a young girl. Besides, Wunmi was my best friend and showered love on me like no other man could.

But deep inside my heart, I was worried. I needed to know where our future led and what he had in mind.


I was pushing 50 and becoming uncomfortable with the whole idea of just being a live-in-lover with a man just for the sake of dating.

I decided to speak to Wunmi’s sister, Adebola. She had been good to me and was  always very understanding and sympathetic towards me anytime I had issues with her brother.


She gave me assurances about our relationship and told me Wunmi was going to marry me. As a matter of fact, she confided in me secretly that Wunmi was getting close to proposing to me.

I was overjoyed. Overjoyed that, at least, Wunmi had plans to marry me. Who else would I trust if not his own biological sister who always had his heart and mind and trust?

So the day I became 45, I arranged a very special dinner at our home. Everything was done specially to make my man happy and his sister approve.

I had already hinted Adebola about my intention to do something special with Wunmi that day: propose to him!


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