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My legs were hurting and I was starting to regret choosing to wear heels to this party. I catered a wedding for a lady who contacted me via my Facebook page. Evidently, she once attended a birthday party I catered for and was interested in enlisting my services. I was only too happy to help. I needed the distraction.

My marriage had become something I could not even name. Since Michael found out I was cheating, we no longer slept in the same bedroom. He demanded that my bedroom door was always open, though. Every once in a while, he would come in and fkced me with whatever he fancied. At times he went for large d!|d0s and sometimes he would use cucumbers. When he was feeling very mean, though, he would bring out that special bottle of beer he loved and fkced me till I bled. I was not allowed to complain or say anything because he threatened to let everyone know I was a ‘wh0r3 who ran around looking for big dkcs to fkc.”

Getting this job helped with all the tension and pain in my marriage and my marital sx* life. I had hoped that staying away from fkcing random guys would help but there were two things wrong with that. One, there was no way Michael would believe I was not fkcing around and the second and most disturbing reason was that I did not think I could stop. I spent most of my waking hours fantasizing about getting fkced and that included the nights Michael came around to screw me with whatever. He would leave and I would still be craving a good dkc. Under different circumstances, I would have sought help but the sx* was too enjoyable and men were too willing to please for me to take any action to stop.
I looked around at the guests at the wedding. Most were intent on the bride and groom. I noticed a man sitting in the corner of the hall, seemingly alone. He caught me looking and he smiled at me. I smiled back and out of curiosity, I walked on over to him.

“Hello, I am Abby,” I said to him.

“I am Biodun. Nice to meet you, Abby,” he said, reaching out his hand for a handshake. I shook him, feeling a tingly warmth as our palms made contact.

We talked for a few minutes and I started to get the feeling that he and I might have something when a gorgeous young woman came to sit on the other side of him.


“Abby, this is Thelma, my wife.”

I gasped in surprise, turning to her and about to proffer an apology and leave when she looked at me with the brightest of smile and said, “hello. Wow! that’s a pretty dress you have on.”
I was taken aback by her compliment and was silent for many moments when Biodun looked at me with concern. “Hey Abby, don’t worry, she’s fine with us. It’s cool.”


“Yeah, Biodun loves to have his fun. It’s okay,” his wife quipped. “You can come home with us if you’d like.”
“Come home with…” I said, my mind still boggled by what they were implying.

Thelma laughed and nudged her husband playfully. “How many times have I told you to give these girls some kind of heads up about our lifestyle before they have to meet me?”


Biodun chuckled,”well, I did not get a chance to. We just started talking when you came over.”

Thelma turned to me and said kindly, “I’m sorry. Biodun and I have an open marriage. He is allowed to bring girls over when he wants and he must find you really beautiful because he does not just go for anyone.”
I forced a smile, but all these were just way too much for me to process. I excused myself immediately and left the couple. I walked out of the hall, heading towards my car to get a break from all the crazy when I heard some footsteps behind me. I looked back to see Biodun hurrying after me. He gripped my upper arm and pulled me towards a different area of the parking lot. This was a little deserted and he led me to his car that was parked. He unlocked the car and asked me to enter the backseat. I did.

“I’m sorry it went down that way. I really find you beautiful. Please give me another chance,” he said as he sat beside me and closed the door.

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