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My friend was surprised to come to the church that Sunday and find me there very early and eager as well.

After the church program I met with Ibukun and, surprisingly, we had a nice brief chat. She was studying Chemistry in the university and I also studied Chemistry!

So it was a hit from the start.

She accepted to be my girlfriend after three weeks of knowing each other and it was the best thing to happen to me.

I was even happier when I found out that Ibukun was not a prude in any way.


She loved sx* and more sx* and more sx*. In fact, we had sx* almost every single day! Ibukun was a sx* maniac and machine but I liked her that way because I was able to match her velocity and desires.

Asides from her strong desire to have sx* all the time, Ibukun also smoked weed, drank alcohol and loved to party and do all sorts of crazy things!


I was surprised at first because the Ibukun I dated was nothing similar to the gentle and quiet Ibukun who evoked and brought the spirit of God into the church every day in church!

But I loved her like that and enjoyed myself with her.


The only thing that should have worried me a bit was the fact that I noticed very early in our relationship that Ibukun always wanted to venture outside what I considered normal.

She wanted an@| sx*. She wanted to be choked. She wanted to be flogged and beaten during sx*. She wanted me to tie and hang her somewhere while we have sx*!

I should have checked myself then and run away from this girl!

I should have read the signals and realized I was dealing with a mad woman!


But I continued dating her while always parrying away her sx*val over-drives as we pushed on towards marriage. I was having fun having sx* with her that I closed my eyes to the other things that should have made me run away from her.

So, we got married in a beautiful ceremony and everybody congratulated me for having a spiritually minded Sister Ibukun as my wife. Some even told me that I am confirmed of a spot in heaven because Ibukun held the keys to heaven with her.


I remember me and Ibukun exchanging glances when people said this and just laughing to ourselves. I was just happy I was marrying a beautiful woman who made my life beautiful.

But Ibukun was to give me the mother of all shockers the night after our wedding ceremony!

Lennox Mall

Right after we started our honeymoon!

So we had moved into a prestigious and luxurious hotel on the mainland and were just settling in that night to relax and have some fun after the stress of our wedding ceremony.


At about 10pm, we had just managed to discharge our relatives who had followed us to the hotel and I was hoping for me and Ibukun to start enjoying ourselves as a husband and wife.

That was when we heard a knock on the door and Ibukun had gone to open it. In my mind, I thought one of our relatives had returned for something and was preparing to blast the person when four hefty men walked into the room.


I stared at them in surprise as I didn’t know any of them and before I could even ask a question or say anything, one of the men grabbed Ibukun and raised her high off the floor before k!$$sing her. To my greatest surprise, Ibukun k!$$ed him back, m0an!ng against his body as she wrapped her arms around his neck.


Ibukun knew these tough looking men!

What was I seeing?


I thought I was in a terrible nightmare and couldn’t help myself. That was when I spoke.

“What is going on? Ibukun, what is this?”

One of the men smiled and walked over to meet me and sat beside me in the bed while eying me from head to toe as if I was a piece of fried fish he wanted to eat. He smiles and touched me on my body and I recoiled away from him!

“What is going on here? Who are you people? If you don’t tell me who you people are right now, I am going to shout and bring people to this room!”

One of the men turn to Ibukun and spoke to her. “You didn’t tell him?”

Ibukun looked at me and smiled. “No. It was meant to be a surprise to my darling husband. My honeymoon surprise to him”.

She had then left the man she had just k!$$ed and walked to my side as I stared at her with fear in my eyes. Then she gave me the most shocking news of my life.

“Baby, meet my friends. They are here to give us the best time of our lives.”

She pointed to two of the men. “This is David and this is Michy. They are g@y men and they are going to satisfy whatever fantasies you have ever dreamed of. These other two are John and Antar. They are going to also make me the happiest woman on earth tonight. We are going to have fun”.

I stared at her like she was mad! Right that moment, I realized I had been dating Satan’s daughter and she had come to destroy my life.

“Are yo crazy? What nonsense are you talking about? What is the matter with you?”

Ibukun had looked at me like I was a small baby.

“Relax, Lekan. Stop acting like a baby. I went through a lot to be able to organize this small gift for you. It might be the only time you are going to enjoy this, baby.”

I pushed her away and turned to face the men who were eyeing me eagerly, especially the g@y ones. I told them I didn’t want to have anything to do with any of them. I just wanted to leave the room quietly and forget I ever met any one of them.

As I was speaking to them, I was already moving towards the door. I didn’t care I was just in a pair of p@nt$ without a shirt. I just wanted to get away from all of them in that room.

But before I knew what was happening, the four men pounced on me and dragged me into the bed. I struggled against them and tried to fight them off but these were four tough, strong men and they had come prepared for me.

They gaged me and quickly tied me to the bed in less than three minutes.

Then they took off my p@nt$ and boxers.

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