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Raymond had nothing but sympathy for his next door neighbor, Gbemi, an absolutely beautiful woman caught in a bad situation. Ever since he had moved into the neighborhood six months ago, he knew that something was amiss in the household. Gbemi’s husband, Shola, was a corporate executive who was at least fifteen years her senior. From the conversations he’d had with Gbemi he knew that she was 29, but he wasn’t sure just how old her husband was. Raymond hadn’t really had what could be called a “conversation” with Shola; the only thing they had really ever done was exchange hellos in the driveway as Shola was either coming or going from his house. Shola didn’t seem to be much of a talker; he always had someplace to go, something to do, so Raymond didn’t know much about him. All he knew was what Gbemi had told him: Gbemi had met Shola on a blind date, of all things, and he had swept her off her feet. They were married six months after they met, and the first six months of marriage were great. Then Shola got a big promotion at work which put him on the fast track in his company, and he rapidly got so involved with his career that he began neglecting his beautiful wife at home. It had been that way, Gbemi had told him just last week, for the past six years, and she was both heartbroken and frustrated over it.
His best guess was that Shola was the high side of 45, maybe a bit more than that, an up-and-comer in the corporate world who was guilty of what Raymond considered to be one of the most heinous crimes possible, that of ignoring a beautiful woman.
And Gbemi was just that. From his conversations with her, Raymond also knew that she was 5’5″ tall, weighed about 125 pounds, and was a natural blond. She had long, shapely legs, a nicely rounded bvtt, a slender waist and a perfectly flat stomach, and the face of an angel with sparkling blue eyes and a wide smile.
She also had the biggest bvst Raymond had seen in quite a while. If he had to guess, he would have guessed that she was at least a 36DD, maybe more, and judging from what he had seen when he saw her sunbathing in her back yard in the tiniest of bikinis, she was all natural. It was a total mystery to him how any man could ignore a woman as beautiful and sxy as Gbemi. He wasn’t sure if Shola was an idiot or a fool. Maybe both. In any event, he and Gbemi had struck up a friendship. The fact that they were nearly the same age – she was two years older than him. It gave them some common ground and some common interests. He was single, so there was no Mrs. Raymond to worry about, and Gbemi may as well have been single. They spoke often, every time he saw her outside, and on several occasions had shared a glass of wine or two on his back deck. They had spent several pleasant evenings talking about concerts they had gone to, trips they had taken, things like that. She had more in common with him, it seemed, than she did with her husband. There was no generation gap in the way, and they related to each other in ways that were not possible with she and Shola. And the more time he spent with her, the more his desire for her grew. She was a hell of a sxy woman, and he found himself wanting her more and more each time he saw her. And he had a feeling that she felt the same way. Neither of them were falling in love with the other, he was pretty sure of that. He wasn’t ready for that kind of commitment and had no interest in it. But he was a man, she was a very sx*y and desirable woman, and he wanted her in the worst way.
It was during one of those quiet evenings drinking wine on his back deck that it finally happened.

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