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What should I do? From the look of things,Chidi does not love me or my child. So, what exactly am I doing in this marriage? If I remember the pain I went through and all the money I sent to Chidi to help him start his business and how he has abandoned me now, I really feel like killing myself. Please advise me. If I leave this fraud marriage, I dont even know where I will start from?

Maybe I will go back to pr0stitut!0n because I have not been able to get a job cos all the money I made while abroad, I gave all to Chidi and he invested all in his business and yet, he treats me so bad. Thank God I sent some to my family which they used in building a house in the village but I cannot go back to the village now. Its better, I send my baby to my mother in the village and go back to hustle abroad otherwise, I may loose my mind here.

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