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Olubukola Jill Owatemi is an aviation and marketing consultant, researcher, publicist, writer, strategic planner, human resources specialist, and a versatile administrator. She is the Managing Consultant at Servis Consult, an aviation consultancy firm.


Salvation Army School, Surulere, Lagos, Federal Government Girls’ College Owerri, Imo State, University of Jos, Plateau State (B.Sc. Economics, Masters in Business Administration (Financial Management). I have attended several training programmes locally and internationally, most of which were based on Commercial Aviation/Operations, Customer Service, Business Analysis, Data Analytics, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, etc.

Core values and philosophy

These include integrity, passion to serve humanity, loyalty, and steadfastness. I believe that we must empathise with the struggles of the disadvantaged. It is empathy that made great people do great things in their lives for the sake of others. Observe the disadvantaged people around you and think about the small things you can do in order to improve their quality of life.

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Climbing the ladder of success

I am a very positive person. I try to be a little bit better than others. I take my responsibilities very seriously and would never be a party to indiscipline. I believe that great customer service experience, empathy for others, and hard work play great roles in climbing the ladder of success. I started working quite early in life and rose to a managerial level within a short period. I believe the secret then was the ability to learn, learn, and keep learning. I was ready to learn even from the lowest staff being a young lady in the aviation industry. I was determined to succeed. I went through many aviation training programmes and came out in flying colors. I am an exceptional strategist who works under pressure and is always determined to achieve exceptional results. I believe I possess the uncanny ability to establish rapport with total strangers within a short time and so, I can market a cat to a rat!

Coping with life’s challenges


I have had my fair share of life’s challenges over the years, from work hazards to heartbreak, grief, depression, and anxiety. I am also familiar with the great things of life and because of my trials, I have learned one crucial lesson:  Appreciate the great times you have had the good people you have come across, be steadfast in prayers and be forever positive in life as no condition is ever permanent. Trials will come but we will overcome by the special grace of God.

Success principles

For one to be successful, one must have objectives; make plans on how to achieve them; believe in your God-given ability to achieve your objectives; move in the right direction of the right people, and make hay while the sun shines; be positive-minded; be determined; be ready to learn, learn, and learn; never get tired of trying; be appreciative; don’t be wasteful; manage your finances well; God all the way; determination, hard work and zero tolerance for indiscipline

Advice for aspiring youths

Stay focused, work hard, believe in God, and believe in yourself. There is no hurry in life as everything you desire will come at God’s own time. Laziness is the most perilous attribute a person can have. It doesn’t matter how much value you are able to add to yourself but it is very important that you must do your best in whatever field you have chosen and perform with the goal of reaching the heights in that field. The upcoming ones must never envy others; they must learn positive things from people. I also advise them to cultivate the habit of reading.

Youths must educate themselves in whatever will help them to get a better understanding of themselves, the country, and to understand why things are the way they are and what they can do to change them. Social media should be used for positive gain as well. They must have zero tolerance for dishonesty, laziness, indiscipline and must be creative enough to add value to wherever they belong.


Unforgettable moments, pleasant and unpleasant

I have had so many unforgettable moments which have enriched my experiences and made me a stronger and better person. One of such was in the course of my job as the Consumer Affairs Manager of one of the airlines where I worked. An agitated passenger attempted to hit me because a delay announcement made on his flight did not go well with him. A lot of passengers fail to understand the safety precaution for flight delays, e.g. bad weather. My most treasured moments were the various times I received awards for being professional in my career.


Interests and hobbies

I am not the party kind of person. In my spare time, I visit care homes, orphanages, etc to work as a volunteer. I try to put smiles on their faces. I belong to a humanitarian/charity organisation called The International Association of Lions Clubs. We do a lot of charitable work. Did I say I love travelling? Yes, I do. I love writing, yeah, I love music too!!!

Lennox Mall

Suggestions on how to improve the aviation sector

The Aviation Industry in Nigeria is growing but at a snail’s pace. It is weird that Nigeria as the giant of Africa does not have a national carrier. Insecurity, corruption, poor infrastructure base, and corruption are problems we have to address sincerely and urgently. Automation will ensure faster growth and development. Data collection, passenger check-in, etc should be done electronically. Also, leaders in the industry must be transparent and act based on integrity, Employment of staff must be done transparently, I don’t know why CCTV cameras cannot be installed all over the country to checkmate terrorism, kidnapping, and banditry. We are not asking for too much. I am not an advocate for a young leader. I believe in a leadership that is transparent, incorruptible, and charismatic regardless of age, culture, and religion.


Future plans

To reminiscence on my past and use lessons learnt to improve.


Family History

I was born over four decades ago to seasoned educationists, late Engr Williams Owatemi and Mrs. V. Owatemi, a mathematician and the Proprietress of Joyce Private School and Joyce Tower College, Lagos. I am the second child in the family. I am from Okitipupa in Ondo State; I was born in Lagos state, and studied in the Northern and Eastern parts of Nigeria.

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