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The sleep position that ‘simulates weightlessness and alleviates pressure’ is meant to help you drift off – and relieve a number of health problems.

Getting a good night’s sleep has a whole host of benefits.

We’re all familiar with how to better our chances – from reducing our caffeine intake to limiting our phone usage before going to bed.

But experts say there is a ‘miracle’ sleeping position that can improve the overall quality of your sleep as well as combat a string of common health concerns at the same time.

Sleep specialists at Opera Beds credit the ‘zero-gravity’ sleeping position for helping with the symptoms of health struggles and conditions like snoringarthritis, muscle pain, heartburn and more.

They also say it’s the best position to be in to drift off to sleep more easily.


The experts explained: “Zero-gravity is a neutral position that’s achieved by laying flat on your back and raising both your head and feet slightly above your heart level, so the spine is neutrally aligned – therefore relieving pressure on your body.


They say the position helps you sleep better – as well as alleviating health problems ( Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)


“It was developed by NASA to protect astronauts’ bodies from the significant forces they’re subjected to during space travel. They found the neutral position to mean the head is raised at a 90-degree angle and the body at around 120 degrees, with knees and elbows slightly bent.

“In sleep, your body works to maintain your physical and mental health, but resting in the wrong position or lying flat could do the opposite – putting more pressure on certain parts of the body and hindering its ability to rejuvenate itself.”


Muscle tension, joint pain and sports injuries

The sleeping position can ease the strain on painful joints and connective tissues, according to the experts, so it’s an ideal choice for those with ongoing aches.

Opera Beds said: “The position simulates weightlessness and alleviates pressure, so can help to relieve everyday aches and pains. Often, sleeping in other positions including on your side can result in painful hips and shoulders.

“In zero-gravity, people suffering from chronic pain can find their symptoms are alleviated when the spine is neutrally-aligned.

Source: Mirror


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