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Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike has joined in the swelling voice across Nigeria, calling for the removal or resignation of Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Isa Patami, saying in a saner clime, the question of his remaining in the office for one day would not have arisen with the weight of the allegation against him.

Pantami, is being linked with habouring pro-Taliban and Al-Qaeda sentiments, tending to support for the terrorism groups, which had caused a lot of catastrophe, including human carnage across the world.

The Minister had admitted making comments supporting the terrorists, including saying that he was always happy each times infidels were killed, the ideals the groups professed, but added that he took that route at a much younger age and had since recanted.

Wike in a reaction posted on his Twitter page (username: @GovWike) said; “No reasonable Government would allow a person with the issues around Dr Patami to remain in its cabinet.

“Ordinarily the Minister should leave immediately but this Government doesn’t care This should not be allowed, saying it was done in the past or he has repented is not the issue. “It is inexcusable, at best we can say the seeds he sowed have germinated and led to the killing and destruction of people. If I was in such a situation I would have tendered my resignation.”


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