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It would have shown real responsibility if Prof under his authority had simply responded that affirmative decisions would be given due consideration rather than attempting to disparage and intimidate WIMIN legal representation and vitiate his thought process about WIM.

WIMIN’s  requests are:

a. 35% representation of women as council members ( from our qualified COMEG certified women)

b. That the offices of Registrar and Council chairman be twinned, i.e. one for him and the other for she.

c. That the pronoun used in the draft bill should not be ‘he’ but be substituted with he/she

My fellow women, beneficiaries of this Act if passed are strictly Career Professionals, not necessary WIM members that are diverse and broad-based


As for perceived personal interest, I am not in government and will not be inclined to.

I beg for your indulgence to speak up when necessary. The Law passed in April 2022 gave us the authority to DEMAND for 35% in appointive positions


Well-informed people will recognize the contributions of WIMIN to the sector, we need not be tied to the shackles of any institution

God bless our Minister, Arc Olamilekan Adegbite, a supportive gentleman and our Director Mr Patrick Ojekka.


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