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“We are even underpopulated here in Nigeria. In summary, once there are more hands, more work can be done and faster,” Lotanna Ogbuchukwu, an Anglican priest who resigned from the church, the Anglican Diocese of Nnewi, Anambra State, told our reporter in the interview.

PT: Apart from your position on polygamy, is there any other reason you resigned as a priest?

LOTANNA: There’s no other reason. It is for me not to stay in a platform where it (polygamy) is not supported.

PT: You said that you received a revelation about the movement. When and how?

LOTANNA: My revelation came 20-something years ago when we were in Anglican Children’s Ministry but I didn’t understand it fully then. Some years back, it began to appear clear that I started to understand it. That was three to four years back. So, I was saying no and running away from it earlier. I had asked myself, ‘is this what it’s all about?’ One of the major things that delayed me this long was the thought of what people would say. But we will be discussing every part of the scripture on this very soon on a weekly basis to open people’s eyes for them to understand the scripture. The scripture became so obvious, clearly explained to me afterward, but what I battled with most was what people will say and, again, how people will take it.

PT: But your stance on polygamy contradicts what the Bible says, which is that one man should be for one woman?


LOTANNA: Wait until we start the teaching on polygamy. By God’s grace, my first teaching will come up next Sunday on our YouTube channel. We will be holding teachings on polygamy every Sunday.

PT: Are there priests in the church who left with you or are planning to join you?


LOTANNA: I didn’t discuss it with anybody. All the while, even when I was uploading a video clip on YouTube announcing my resignation, I carefully avoided every church platform. I’m not going after those who are already in the Anglican Church. It’s more of those who have left the church because they were sincere to themselves, knowing that they were guilty of adultery and fornication and are condemned by their conscience that after Sunday service, they know they will still go back to the same thing (adultery and fornication). The church didn’t offer them the proper solution that God has made available for them. It is not even a permissive will. It’s a perfect will of God that you can marry more than one wife.

PT: How did your fellow priests react to your decision?


LOTANNA: I don’t discuss my fellow priests.

PT: You were quoted as saying men should marry their “side chicks” to escape hell fire. Can you speak more on this?

LOTANNA: During our teaching, I will expatiate on it. It is not just marrying the side chick. They can go for some kind of purification rites. If they come to us in the movement that we are floating, I will give guidelines on how to go for purification to ask God for forgiveness for what they have been doing. Whoever is entering your eye (that is, someone you are attracted to) – that is causing you to sin against God, marry her first. Don’t sleep with her. Marry her into your home and then enjoy her.

PT: How is your wife reacting to all of these?


LOTANNA: I said I don’t discuss priestly families. I don’t discuss my wife.

PT: As you’re promoting polygamy, should the number of wives a man marries be unlimited or is there a particular number?


LOTANNA: It will be part of the teaching. Follow us on our YouTube channel. It will come in series.

PT: Which church are you moving to now? Or are you seeing your movement graduate into a ministry?

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LOTANNA: Already that’s what it is (Church). I have given out the name that, as I am inspired, my church will bear. Then step by step, we will take it. I have been calling it a movement, but actually, it is a church.

PT: How did the church members react to your resignation?


LOTANNA: Many of the church members have called, asking what happened. I first took a one-year study leave and then I left. After studying over and over again on the concept, I submitted my resignation. I had left the church before I submitted my resignation. So, it was a shock to many of them. So many of them said they know God will later direct me right, while some are saying ‘no we don’t need this concept.’ Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. They should wait until we begin the teachings and they will know if it is of God or not.

PT: Are you from a polygamous family? Is your dad a polygamist?


LOTANNA: I’m not from a polygamous family. My father is not a polygamist.

PT: As a former Anglican cleric, what’s your greatest regret being a priest?

LOTANNA: I don’t have any regrets. Priesthood is something that I am happy doing. It is just that the call is taking me further. And I’m someone that respects jurisdiction very well. As a lawyer also, I respect jurisdiction. I can’t stay in the Anglican Church and be doing what Anglican doctrine does not support. I understood that perfectly. That will amount to disobedience and unfaithfulness.

PT: If a man wants to marry your daughter as a second or third wife, will you gladly accept or oppose it?


LOTANNA: Now that I am into this (movement), every part of me is into polygamy. So, if any young person wants to marry my daughter as a second wife, I won’t object to it. If two adults agree to marry, what I will make sure I do, as I am also teaching, is that they won’t even have a kiss before the wedding. That’s sinful. But if you agree to marry, don’t even have a kiss, not to talk of having a sexual relationship.

PT: Nigeria has several pressing challenges – economic, political, and security challenges. Do you think this country needs this your concept at this point?

LOTANNA: Polygamy will perfectly help the economy. Look at some countries with high populations. You see how their economy is fast growing. We are even underpopulated here in Nigeria. In summary, once there are more hands, more work can be done and faster.

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