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By Reno Omokri

This past week saw me receive some of the most horrid and underhand attacks I have ever received in my life. My friends and family have been converged, especially as these are coming from the well-oiled political campaign that Peter Obi, the Presidential candidate of the Labour Party, has put together.

One of the most brutal attacks came from one Alloy Ejimakor, who made a frighteningly egregious allegation against me which I would not want to repeat here.

Mr. Ejimakor is the lawyer for the Indigenous People of Biafra.

First and foremost, the allegation by IPOB’s lawyer against me is false. But, why is it coming from IPOB’s lawyers? What is my business with IPOB? I have not said anything against or about IPOB.


In any case, I have prayed over them. And some of them have been escalated beyond me. However, on this week’s #TheAlternative, I want to address the issue of the threats to my one-year-old daughter by the use of her images by one of Peter Obi’s cyber bullies.

What do they hope to achieve by it? To turn the public against me and my daughter? That is not going to work. They can turn their obidients against me, but that is like preaching to the choir. They are already against me. For what it is worth. But it is my guess that the majority of Nigerians are fair-minded and objective, and are watching this lynch mob with interest. Real interest.


And it is becoming clear what awaits them in a Nigeria ruled (not governed) by Peter Obi.

This is how Nigeria under Peter Obi will be governed.


Any critic will receive the Pastor Poju treatment

If the critic is stubborn, they will receive the Reno Omokri treatment

If they are still stubborn, they get threats

If that doesn’t work, they will be escalated to cyber bullies and UGM.


Who were the people insulting, abusing, and threatening other Nigerians before Peter Obi? Think! You know. Are you still seeing them about as you once did? No. There is a reason why. They just changed their name from what you once knew, to Obidients. They changed name, but not behaviour!

Look at their strategy. Propaganda, insults, abuses and threats. They have always had a well-oiled social media propaganda unit. They are organised cyber bullies. They criticise others, but do not want to be criticised. They are worse than Buhari and his Buharists.


This is who they are! This is what they wish for Nigeria. They are violent. They are part of an organisation supporting violence. They brought their violent behaviour to Peter Obi and became his Obidients. They picked on the wrong person when they picked on me!

My daughter is one-year-old. She is innocent. She is beautiful. She is the sweetest thing. These Obidients, led by their cyber bully-in-chief, have used her image so horribly in a failed bid to intimidate me. I urge the world to take note. This is how your life under Obi will be.

Lennox Mall

If the Peter Obi mob thinks getting their cyber bullies to use photos of my one-year-old daughter to make campaign against me on social media will intimidate me, they don’t know me.

Yes. Come after me. Use my photos. Use the photos of adult members of my family. Make your public and private threats. But when you resort to using the photos of an innocent one-year-old girl, rather than intimidate me, you reveal what life in Peter Obi’s Nigeria would be.


What has my one-year-old daughter got to do with Peter Obi? People are watching. They may not be able to talk, because of the fear of intimidation by the cyber bullies that have coalesced around Peter Obi, who call themselves Obidients. But they are watching.

Instead of the Obi camp to employ cyber bullies to attack my one-year-old daughter, and use her image to politic on social media, they should face the real issues. One of which is why they do not want anyone to even scrutinise their candidate.


Another is the fact that the suave, young, debonair figure that Senator Datti Baba-Ahmed cut, has now been shattered. Completely! A video of him has emerged, where he is calling for the summary execution of homosexuals and lesbians.

Now that the deputy of their god and messiah has been shown on camera shockingly calling for LGBTQ people to be killed, (I totally condemn that), I wonder what their cyber bullies think? Listen, using my one-year-old daughter’s image to politic is not your problem. This is your real problem.

With Senator Datti Baba-Ahmed’s statement calling for the summary execution of LGBTQ people (I totally condemn that statement) coming to light, they are shouting freedom of expression. Did Obidients give Rabiu Kwankwaso and me that freedom of expression that they now justifiably want for Datti Baba-Ahmed? Of course not!

And it shocks me that Obidients are justifying what Senator Datti Baba-Ahmed said about the LGBTQ community. How could they have condemned the killing and burning to death of Deborah Samuel for blasphemy, and now they are defending Senator Datti Baba-Ahmed for saying that LGBTQ people should be killed? It shows that politics, not morality, controls their outrage.


I completely and totally condemn that statement. It will instigate people to do to LGBTQ people what they did to Deborah Samuel. We thought Senator Baba-Ahmed was broad-minded. We praised him. And now this? And they want to elevate this man to power?

If elected as Vice President, Senator Datti Baba Ahmed will be a heartbeat away from the Presidency. If as a Senator without executive powers, he publicly campaigns for LGBTQ people to be killed, then what will he do as an executive President? What about women? What about men with dreadlocks? Will Hisbah start forcefully cutting their hair? What about youths that wear earrings?

Why were Obidients against Buhari donating $1 million to Afghanistan’s Taliban, when a Taliban is their choice for Vice President?

Their justification of his barbaric, Stone-Age and unacceptable statement is so sophisticated and shows you how strong their propaganda unit is.

Have they not summoned their propaganda arm to circulate all sorts of lies about my family and I, even to the point of circulating photos of my one-year-old daughter with the vilest messages? All because I criticised Peter Obi.

These people have successfully used cyber bullying strategies to silence all opposition to them, and they are not yet in power. What will they do when they are in power?

I have been threatened. My wife and daughter have been threatened. Pastor Poju has been threatened. And they are not in power. What will happen if Obidients control the military and police? Will unknown gunmen be unleashed on critics? Your guess is as good as mine!

When you raise issues about Bola Tinubu, Obidients will flock to you and celebrate you, while Tinubu’s BATists will respectfully explain and persuade. When they raise issues about Atiku Abubakar, Atikulated people either explain or convince. While Obidients will hurl invectives on a man who once made Obi his running mate. But when you raise issues about Peter Obi, his Obidients will insult and threaten you. Search your conscience. Am I lying?

If Obidients are able to cyberbully, intimidate, insult and threaten anyone who gives even constructive criticism now, when he is not the President, what will happen if Peter Obi is elected and controls the security infrastructure. I shudder at the thought.

If these guys can go so far, and so low, as to use photos of my one-year-old daughter as a propaganda tool against me, they can kill. And if they ever smell Aso Rock, Abacha and Sergeant Rogers will be child’s play, compared to what they will unleash on Nigeria. Can they intimidate me? NEVER!

I was in office under the All Progressives Congress as an opposition party. I read about my sacking multiple times in the media. The APC called for my arrest. I was cyberbullied by their trolls. Nasir El-Rufai personally supervised a media attack against me. I survived that. And Peter, I will survive your Obidients!

Moreover, Peter Obi showed extreme dishonesty in saying those who insult and threaten are not his supporters, but are paid by his opponents. So pedestrian of him. Who pays this girl here on Twitter who we both complained about when you called me? Atiku? Tinubu? Be a man. Admit the truth!

Your supporters are notorious for insulting people. They are intolerant to opposing views. And worse, they are cyberbullies of the worst order. If you really believed they were paid by your opponents, why did you tweet twice asking your followers to be less insulting? Or was that also your opponent’s paid work?

Peter just showed he shares the persecution complex and victim mentality of many of his supporters. He should be apologising for the insults, abuses and threats his Obidients have heaped on other Nigerians. But here he is, accusing his opponents of sponsoring those who abuse in his name!

Let me end by saying that my premises are fitted with CCTV. I am sorry for any Obidient (you can deceive others, but we know who you people REALLY are, underneath your so-called Obidient veneer) who will physically come after my family and I. Insult and abuse me. Set your cyber bullies and your troll farm on me. Make your threats. But better not carry them out!

You think I am like pastor Poju, that you can cyber bully, and I will delete my tweets and stop exposing the militant group that has changed its name to Obidient? At the end of this season, I will choose whether to go to court. But for now, I am focused on my goal!

Meanwhile, let me say that I am really impressed with the fresh online registrations from Osun, Delta, Bayelsa and Borno during the continuous voter exercise. Without making noise online, these 4 states have individually registered more new voters than almost the entire SE combined. Very impressive!

Even more impressive is the fact that these new registrations are going on quietly in places where people do not have a lot of abusive and threatening behaviour online (we monitor IP addresses). Even before February 25, 2023, I am liking what I am seeing ahead.

Reno’s Nuggets

Pray immediately you wake up in the morning, because at the point that you wake up, you are still in a state of body and mind known as Theta. It is a semi-spiritual state of existence. During Theta, your prayers are most powerful. But once you reach for your phone, or talk to anyone, or do any carnal activity, you immediately snap out of Theta. And a lot of the anxiety many people feel during the day is as a result of snapping out of the Theta state to the fully physically conscious state, without a proper prayerful transition. If you notice, you have a vague idea of what you dreamt of during the night when you wake up. But the minute you do any human activity, such as reach for a phone, or speak to someone, even that vague remembrance immediately evaporates. That is you leaving the Theta state

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