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Imagine the following scenario: You’ve decided that you want to marry the love of your life, which means it’s about time you bought an engagement ring. You go and research rings, compare prices and finally settle on one you think your partner will love. You head to the jewelry store prepared to drop a not-inconsiderable amount of money on the ring.

Little do you know that NBA legend and roving do-gooder Shaquille O’Neal also happens to be in that jewelry store, and he has decided that today is your lucky day.

Yep, that’s Shaq paying for the young man’s ring in full. Definitely not what he expected to happen that day, but hey, who can complain? Leave aside the fact that you just saved a few thousand dollars that you can spend on pretty much anything you want, you’ve now got a story that you can tell for the rest of your life.

You know, no big deal, just a chance encounter with one of the most famous people in the world where he casually changes your life for the better. And he even shook your hand. Not half bad.

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