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Everyone has a story about that one special gift they’ve received. For Mayomi Ogedengbe, Founder of Meeyas Link, this story is much more than just about a gift. It is a story of passion, creativity, and a bond with her mother who mentored her to become the successful business mogul she is today.

In the 90s, on the bustling streets of Lagos, a fashion scene was being set, filled with extravagant clothes, and even more extravagant jewelry, adorning the necks and wrists of flamboyant Lagos women. As a child, Mayomi watched her mother dress the most iconic women of society who had the pleasure of hand-selecting the most exquisite stones, using a unique bespoke service her mother employed.

Mayomi studied her mother’s tastes, flair, style and inspiring business ethic. She learnt from her mother that the jewelry business is more than simply buying and selling. It is a courtship, building relationships and catering to the emotional needs of clients – their need to stand out and captivate any room, while carrying an air of prestige.

Diamonds were ingrained in Mayomi’s life. However, it wasn’t until she turned 12 years old that she fully understood their allure, when her mother gave her a big shiny stud. In her words, “I felt like I’d arrived.”

It is while she was in the university that Mayomi felt the overwhelming pull to return to her roots. On some weekends, she left campus to take quick trips with her mother, attending jewelry shows and exhibitions. These trips deepened their bond, forming core moments and memories in their relationship; and unveiling a more intimate side of this precious gem to Mayomi.

She was drawn to the design process, the clasps, the stones, and how they came together to create a magnificent piece. “I was studying Investment Banking and Finance, but it became one of those things where you have to finish school because you know how much your parents are paying. I already knew I was going to go back to diamonds,” Mayomi said.

It was during Mayomi’s service year that she finally decided to pursue her passion. While helping out her mother in the store, acquainting herself with the romance of the day to day affairs, the dreams and expectations of the eager customers that flocked the store, Meeyas Link was finally born.

“Working there, I was motivated by my mother’s dedication to quality and elegance. I also saw an opportunity to make pieces for people like me. I wanted Meeyas Link to bridge that gap, reaching everyday people.”Related News


Meeyas Link is a fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern design, blending artistry with wearable fashion. Drawing inspiration from diverse cultures, art, and nature, each Meeyas Link piece carries a personal story. It is a brand that appeals to a style-conscious audience looking for unique, yet accessible luxury pieces.

This business is an intricate one, from design to manufacturing. Mayomi is an artist in this sense, drafting sketches and creating 3D models to capture her creative vision and ensure that each piece is as meaningful as it is beautiful. She is passionate about building a sustainable brand, working with the manufacturers to ensure that only ethically-sourced and planet-friendly materials are used in making each Meeyas Link piece.

The world of diamonds is a fabulous one, filled with glitz and glamor, and adorned with enchantment and timeless elegance – the parties, the award nights and celebrity events. At the recently concluded 2024 African Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA), Meeyas Link made history on the biggest night in African film by showcasing jaw-dropping fashion on the red carpet.

The biggest stars like Toke Makinwa and Stephanie Coker stepped out in dazzling Meeyas Link originals. Mayomi revealed the beauty of it all: “I like to sell what I like to wear. I’m able to sell diamonds to people who don’t know anything about diamonds, yet they buy these pieces because they trust my taste.”

Even as the brand has successfully entered its 8th year, Mayomi has big hopes and dreams for Meeyas Link. “I want people to say ‘I want to get Meeyas Link or nothing at all’, not just any jewelry or diamond.”

Her vision is to transform this brand into a symbol of incomparable value and distinction in the industry. By creating unique pieces and building a sterling reputation, Mayomi aims to set Meeyas Link apart, ensuring that it becomes synonymous with excellence in the world of jewelry.


She aspires to make Meeyas Link the definitive choice for discerning customers who appreciate both beauty and ethics in their luxury acquisitions.

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