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Seyi Oshewa-Oyedeji, a renowned Personal transformational coach, grief specialist, speaker, author, mentor, and project consultant in this interview with MARY NNAH shares how she has been making a significant impact in the lives of individuals seeking personal growth and transformation. As the Lead Coach & Trainer at Seyi Oyedeji Coaching & Consulting, she offers a range of services and initiatives designed to help people overcome grief, find purpose, and unlock their full potential

Tell us more about yourself and the work you do at Seyi Oyedeji Coaching & Consulting.

At Seyi Oyedeji Coaching & Consulting, I am dedicated to guiding individuals on their personal transformation journeys. I offer various services such as coaching, training, and mentoring, all aimed at helping people overcome grief, discover their purpose, and tap into their full potential. Through my work, I strive to empower individuals to rise above societal labels and embrace their true identities.

Your virtual Talk Show, “Finding Purpose in your pain with Seyi,” has gained significant attention. Tell us more about the show and its purpose.

Absolutely. “Finding Purpose in your pain with Seyi” is a bi-weekly program aired on my social media platforms. The show addresses topics such as grief, loss, heartbreak, and self-discovery. It aims to provide valuable insights and guidance to viewers, helping them navigate through their pain and find purpose. The goal is to inspire and empower individuals by sharing real stories of healing and personal growth.

You are the BEMORE campaign’s creator and convener of the BEMORE’s than your LABEL movement. Could you tell us more about these initiatives?


The BEMORE campaign is a powerful movement I started to inspire individuals to rise above societal labels and embrace their true identity. It encourages people to recognise their unique gifts and talents, allowing them to unleash their full potential without limitations. The BEMORE than Your LABEL movement is an extension of this campaign, where we emphasise the importance of transcending labels and finding purpose beyond societal expectations.

Your Personal Transformation Legacy model, known as BEMORE, has helped numerous individuals realise their full potential. Can you tell us more about this model and its impact?


The BEMORE model is a specialised Personal Transformation Legacy programme that spans seven weeks. It enables individuals to discover their hidden superpowers and unlock their full potential without guilt. Through this programme, participants explore their multi-dimensional possibilities, leading to both personal and professional growth. The impact has been profound, with individuals uncovering their true selves and embracing a life of purpose. Another notable program you offer is the “Grief to Greatness” course. Could you share more details about this course and how it helps individuals dealing with grief?

Certainly. The “Grief to Greatness” program is a four-week online course designed to support individuals in moving from a place of grief to a position of wholeness. Through the G2G (Grief to Greatness) Transformational framework, participants gain practical and personalized tools to navigate their grief journey. The course


Restored by Grace (RGB) is a remarkable Christian charity organisation you founded in 2017. What is its mission?

Restored by Grace (RGB) was established to provide solace and inspiration to those facing the challenges of widowhood, single parenthood, and separation. Our core mission is to help widows, widowers, and single parents regain their confidence and strive for stability, creating a brighter future for themselves and their dependents. We aim to be the leading Christian charitable organization in providing comprehensive support to young widows, widowers, and single parents.

Could you highlight some of the initiatives implemented by Restored by Grace to fulfill its mission?

We have several initiatives in place to fulfill our mission. One of them is the annual RGB Concert, held in Milton Keynes, U.K. This concert brings people from various backgrounds and ages together to worship the Lord Jesus and raise awareness about the challenges faced by widows, widowers, and single parents. Renowned Christian artists minister through music, creating an atmosphere of hope and encouragement.


The “IYWWS” community outreach programme sounds impactful. Can you elaborate on its purpose and how it supports young widows, widowers, and single parents?

“IYWWS” stands for “Inspiring young widows, widows, and Single Parents.” It is a community outreach programme aimed at providing support and inspiration to individuals aged up to 55 during their most difficult times. Through counselling, training workshops, financial guidance, and career advice, IYWWS helps young widows, widowers, and single parents rebuild their lives, regain independence, and fulfil their true potential. We also collaborate with other organisations, charities, and local authorities to maximize our impact within the community.


The RGB Community Outreach project seems to play a vital role in supporting young widows, widowers, and single parents. Tell us more about the services it offers.

The RGB Community Outreach project is designed to provide free support services to young widows, widowers, single parents, and their dependents. We offer counselling, training workshops, financial advice, and career guidance, creating a sense of community and mutual support among those facing similar challenges. Through this initiative, we aim to empower individuals and foster a supportive environment where they can overcome obstacles and thrive.

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What inspires you personally to devote yourself to helping young parents and widows/widowers facing hardships?

Years ago, as a young widow and mother, I believed my life had come to an end. However, with the love of God and the support of my family, I have come to a place of gratitude. It is this personal experience that fuels my passion to help other young parents who find themselves in similar situations. I want to be a source of hope and inspiration, showing them that they can rebuild their lives and create a brighter future for themselves and their children.


How can organisations, authorities, and individuals support and contribute to the vision of empowering and supporting young parents and widows/widowers?

We are indeed open to collaborations and partnerships with organizations, authorities, and individuals who share our vision. They can support us by joining our initiatives, contributing resources, volunteering their time and expertise, or providing financial assistance. Together, we can make a greater impact and empower more young parents and widows/widowers to overcome their challenges and lead fulfilling lives.


Let’s also talk about an initiative under RBG called Beauty for Ashes. What’s this about?

This is a yearly event for widows, widowers, and single parents. We leverage the power of storytelling to inspire and empower people. A free event held in a prestigious hotel to celebrate the great work done by widows, widowers, and Single parents. This is one of our signature events people look forward to.  

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