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It was a joyous and fruitful outing as people from all walks of life gathered at the famous White House in Ijegun area of Lagos, the venue of the marriage ceremony, where the love birds, Oluwatomilola Elizabeth Bayode and Olorunwa Vincent Olowogboyega tied the nuptial knot amid pomp and pageantry.

The auspicious ceremony took place on Saturday, April 2, 2022.

The dark, adorable, and lovely daughter of Elder Zacchaeus (of blessed memory) and Bosede Bayode-Ajibulu was seen to be consistently gazed at, by her heartthrob as if he meant to rediscover a familiar treasure trove. She looked even more ready to interlock with him in body, mind, spirit and soul. The couple filled up each other’s glances with a muted affectation of undying love.

Their story is the stuff dreams of grandeur are made of.

By the end of her wedding day, she had provoked endless streams of well wishes, accolades, and the way her curves flared in her dazzling bridesmaid’s dress.

At the ceremony, treasures and wonders were much in evidence. As the dark-haired bride, floated down the aisle in splendid silk, Olorunwa eagerly awaited her arrival, standing on his pew to get a bird’s-eye view of his ravishing bride. Oluwatomilola looked every bit a princess.


Adorned in the most exquisite finery, the carefully invited guests walked into the venue and the waiting arms of very pretty ushers who led them to their appointed seats smilingly. Every guest was given the royalty treatment; as they were treated to the choicest of drinks and treated to a sumptuous meals that sufficiently wetted and sated palates.

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