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Meet Ogheneochuko Obire, aka Øchuko, the 19-year-old multitalented creative who’s making waves in the fashion, entertainment, and influencer scenes. As a law student at Baze University, Abuja, Øchuko is also a model, stylist, and social media personality, inspiring thousands with his impeccable taste and innovative flair. With a fierce dedication to self-expression and a keen eye for detail, Øchuko is redefining the boundaries of creativity and influence. In this exclusive interview with MARY NNAH, he shares his thoughts on the latest trends, reveals his styling secrets, and unveils his ambitious plans to leave a lasting legacy in the industry

Can you share what inspired you to become a model and style influencer?
I like to say that the entertainment industry found me, and not the other way around. The style influencer part came organically from people asking questions about my style, where I source my outfits, as well as my hair and skincare routine. I didn’t set out to be a model or style influencer; I wanted to become an actor. However, I found that I could use my platform to share messages that are important to my generation and effect positive change in the lives of my audience.

What would you describe as the biggest trend in the evolution of fashion in Nigeria over the past decade?
Today, the fashion industry is increasingly being driven by the street and not the runway as it used to be. There is a trend towards streetwear and street casting, especially in Lagos and Abuja. Also, movies and what actors wear play a key role in defining style for many. Designers are always trying to connect more to their audience, so we’re seeing more edgy presentations on the big screen and runways. Add to that the growing number of fashion trendsetters and potential stars on Instagram and other social media platforms. It brings the realisation that there is an entire realm of fashion and beauty out there that is still uncharted, leading to the evolution of a new ideal of models and fashion styles that complement and even challenge the mainstream.

Do you feel that the fashion industry’s approach to model casting is evolving?
I love this question because it allows me to talk about why I can work as a runway model. I describe myself as a non-conformist or unconventional model, and the industry is beginning to acknowledge such presence. The past decade has seen the fashion industry’s perception of beauty standards being constantly challenged. The landscape of casting is changing. Decision-makers in the industry are signing on more models who eschew stereotypes – males and females who do not particularly fit the classic definition of beauty or the word “model”. These days, there is a lot more room for unconventionality and individual artistic expression both on and off the runway.

You’re a Law student. What is a typical day like for you?
A typical day for me includes studying, attending lectures, creating content for my social media platforms, and engaging in photoshoots for clients.

How do you juggle your work in entertainment with studying for a Law degree?
It has been pretty challenging and demanding. I will say that the key lies in prioritizing commitments and proper time management. Having a daily routine as well as a checklist to keep track of my commitments and dates also helps.

Do you intend to practise Law after you graduate or are you getting a law degree for your parents?
I believe that no matter your passion or the field of endeavour that you find yourself in, education in a formal environment is very important. It brings a level of knowledge, polish, and refinement to the execution of your passion, so by all means, I will encourage every young person out there to utilize and appreciate the opportunity of getting a tertiary education.

What advice do you have for younger entertainers?
Be consistent and true to yourself. It’s very important to prioritise school because it makes your work stand out. I always say, “If it isn’t you, it isn’t true.”


Who are your role models in the entertainment industry?
I’m a big fan of Denrele Edun’s style and his approach to the entertainment industry.

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