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For a lot of people, life without air conditioners (ACs) is unimaginable. ACs can be quite the lifesaver when the heat and humidity reach extremely discomforting levels. But there’s a catch – while they make your surrounding temperature pleasant, they also cause health problems.

  1. Staying in AC for too long can cause respiratory problems
  2. It can trigger asthma and allergies
  3. It can cause headaches and migraine pain

 1. Dry eyes

If you already have dry eyes, staying in AC for too long can worsen symptoms. Dry eyes will feel more itchy and irritated if you have dry eyes. People with dry eye syndrome should prefer not staying in AC for too long.

2. It Dries Up Your Skin –


It sucks out the moisture from the room. It does not discriminate where the moisture comes from. It could be the air’s humidity, or it could be your skin’s natural moisture. If you stay in an air-conditioned room all day, be it at your office, home or car, your skin will start to dry up. If this continues for long, it will impact the inner layers of your skin. Your skin will begin to feel itchy, stretched, and eventually start flaking.

It gets worse, the water content of your skin helps in blood circulation and keeps your skin nourished. So when your skin dries up, it will also start creasing which will eventually lead to loss of elasticity. To help your skin cope, you can apply moisturizers to your exposed skin and wear clothes that cover your body as much as possible to shield your skin.

3. Dehydration


Rates of dehydration are higher in rooms with AC as compared to other rooms. In case the AC sucks too much humidity from the room, you will end up feeling dehydrated. Think of the time when AC is set at a low temperature and you’re feeling too cold and feel the need to drink water.

Staying in AC for too long can cause dehydration


4. Respiratory problems

Staying in AC for a prolonged period of time can cause respiratory problems in the nose, throat, and eyes. You may experience dry throat, rhinitis, and nasal blockage. Rhinitis is a condition that causes inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose. It is caused by a viral infection or by an allergic reaction.

respiratory problems

Respiratory problems are a common side effect of AC
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5. Asthma and allergies

AC can worsen conditions in people who have asthma or allergies. Among those who are sensitive, staying indoors can help as it keeps them away from other pollutants. But others might actually experience the opposite. If your AC is not properly cleaned and maintained, it can increase risks of triggers that can worsen asthma and allergies.


Asthma allergies get worse by staying in AC for too long


6. It Makes You Sick –

How to Avoid Getting Sick | UPMC HealthBeat

Usually, the human body has no trouble adapting to weather changes. But natural weather changes gradually and gives enough time to your body to acclimate. But when you spend hours in an air-conditioned room and then step out in the scorching heat, your body gets confused by the sudden temperature change. This makes you vulnerable to common cough and cold. The outdoor pollution and dust make it worse. A sudden plummet and rise in temperature are even more dangerous for people with certain health conditions like heart disorders or diabetes.

Constant exposure to ACs can have long-term consequences on your health. The only way to avoid these air conditioner disadvantages for your health is to reduce your dependence on ACs.

7. Infectious diseases

Being in AC for too long can result in drying out of your nasal passages. Irritation in mucous membranes and drying out of mucous can also happen. The absence of protective mucous can make you more prone to viral infections.

8. Headaches


Being dehydrated because of AC can cause headaches and migraines. Dehydration is a trigger that is often overlooked when it comes to migraines. When you step in and out of AC rooms or go in the heat outside suddenly after being in AC for too long, there are chances that you might get a headache. Also in cases of AC rooms that are not maintained properly, you are more prone to headaches and migraines.


9. Lethargy

34% of Employees Suffering Lockdown Lethargy - Small Business Trends

The device which cools you down even when it is burning outside may actually do something very negative. Studies have shown that people who stay in AV for long periods of time have complained of lethargy and sluggishness.

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