You are currently viewing Nigeria not bad in selecting leaders, says group
Effa Emmanuel, Senior Pastor of World Royal City Church
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A group of pastors, the Pastors Support Network, has said that Nigeria as a nation is not doing badly in terms of selecting its leaders out of the over 200 million people in the country.

The Network, of over 2,000 pastors and ministers, also charged and appealed to President Bola Tinubu to base his appointments on merit.

Speaking to the PUNCH on the leadership problems that hinder progress and potential in Nigeria, after a leadership press conference organised by Renaissance Bible College and Seminary Abuja, in conjunction with Grand Renaissance Institute, Florida, USA, president of the Network and the senior pastor of World Royal City Church, Asokoro, Abuja and also a board member of the Grand Renaissance Institute, Florida, USA, Effa Emmanuel, noted that Nigeria as a nation is not doing bad when it comes to selecting leaders. He noted that out of the 200 million people that Nigeria has, at least 10% were of the voting public in the last election.

He said, “My charge and appeal to President Tinubu is to base his appointments on merit. Meritocracy is something that has worked in different nations of the world and these are nations that we look up to like the United States and the United Kingdom and especially Asian Tigers like Malaysia and even Singapore. They pick people not based on ethnic inclinations or religious background but based on what they have achieved on their merit, so, am appealing to the new presidents to choose his aides, ministers, and people who will lead this country alongside them based on their achievements and what they are capable of doing.

“It is time we accept the choice Nigerians have made and also go along with it and as believers, we should also pray for the souls of the people in government that God will guide them and bring them to the knowledge of Himself.”

Pastor Emmanuel however, pointed out that he firmly believed that Nigerians have the power to rescue the nation from leadership problems and steer it towards a brighter future adding that they must address the leadership crisis that plagues the country.


“We need a shift in mindset. It is essential to recognise that leadership is not a position to be exploited for personal gain or power but a responsibility to serve the people and the nation. We must promote a culture that values integrity, transparency, and accountability.

“We must foster an environment of inclusivity and diversity. Nigeria is a nation blessed with a rich tapestry of cultures, ethnicities, and religions. It is imperative that our leadership reflect this diversity and takes into account the perspectives and needs of all citizens.


He further advised that “we must strengthen our institutions and promote the rule of law. A robust system of checks and balances is crucial for preventing abuse of power and ensuring that leaders are held accountable for their actions. We need independent and impartial institutions that can investigate corruption, enforce laws, and safeguard the rights and freedoms of our citizens.

The clergy, while further maintaining that Nigerians must encourage active citizen participation in the democratic process exercise and Nigerians’ right to vote responsibly, holding leaders accountable for their promises and actions he additionally advised that Nigerians should actively participate in civil society organizations, community development initiatives, and grassroots movements that seek to bring about positive change.


“In rescuing Nigeria from its leadership problems he added that It requires a concerted effort from all sectors of society. We must shift our mindset, prioritise meritocracy, foster inclusivity, strengthen institutions, and encourage citizen participation. It will not be an easy journey, but we have the resilience, intellect, and determination to overcome these challenges,” he stated.

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