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Book Review by Ebere Nwankpa


Personal Anecdote

In late 2022, Apt Gbenga Adegbenro reached out to me with a word of encouragement and direction from the Lord. During our discussion, I told him that by the middle of the next year, June 2023, I would be celebrating the twelfth anniversary of my return to Nigeria. He quickly pointed out to me that 12 is the number of thrones. That conversation increased my awareness of thrones. I began to study and pray about it.

Editorial Contribution

Earlier this year, the author recruited me to help edit the book chapter by chapter. I saw this as further confirmation of the relevance and currency of the book and its subject matter, not only as it applies to me but most important as regards the move of God in the now.

Writing Style

The book is a work of simplicity. The language and writing style is reader-friendly and accessible. The discussion and analysis presented in the book is straightforward and easy to understand. For ease of communication, the writer has employed a modest volume of repetition and emphasis to identify critical principles and actionable points.


Theme Development

The development of the overall theme of the book is very detailed and comprehensive. At just over two hundred pages of condensed material, the book offers excellent value for a modest monetary charge. The reward of the time and effort invested in reading and implementing the principle discussed therein would be eternal.

Readers are invited to embark on a journey of discovery, revelation, and insight into a novel and unique but topical and timely subject matter area whose relevance is a matter of good governance and public policy at the highly levels of government, business, education, entertainment and many other areas of human endeavour. The large and dynamic scope in play traduces the individual, family and public spheres. This book offers up an effective template with which to address and navigate the challenges of self-governance, family organization, and community development, along the lines laid out in scripture.

The depth of scriptural cross-referencing and research provides solid ground and grist for further discussion and analysis. Additionally, the author deploys rich practical cognate experience that both enlivens the subject matter and furnishes a progressive narrative of successful implementation and triumph.

image 139
The author, Apostle Gbenga Adegbenro


Given the rampant and profound crisis of leadership in Nigerian and African political space, the intervention represented by the theme addressed in the book is topical. The extensive treatment of the theme and carefully laid out principles provide a working manual for everyone in a position of leadership, both great and small. The wide adoption of the principles discussed here would undoubtedly change the narrative of leadership at all levels of the political, economic and social spectrum, and lay a new foundation thereby.



This valuable work represents at the very least what I would call a throne etiquette for everyone. However, it is actually a clarion call and signal to a new generation of well-equipped and provisioned men and women who will synergize to provide the transformative critical mass that would turn around our moribund society and polity. A potent and impactful Throne Movement who would build the tabernacle of David in Nigeria, Africa, and the globe.


Lastly, and perhaps most important, I sense in the spirit that this book is a prophetic sign and signal of a new season of thrones in which God would elevate His elect and prepare Davidic cadre to the thrones of the political, economic, and social spheres of influence to do righteousness and justice.

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