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My husband still insists that I should change my properties name to his name since we are married.
I happen to be the only child of my parents and my parents are strikingly rich. My father is now old, he’s 75 years old while I’m 42. He called his lawyer when he was 60 years old and that was when I haven’t married and change all his properties to my name.
He has 4 companies, 7 estates, a comprehensive school and some acres of land all now belong to me.

I’ve been managing my father’s company effectively. I have my own work and I do not allow my own money to mingle with the profit I earn from my father’s properties I still give account to my father every end of the month on how things are going. Even though they all belong to me but still I make sure I watch over everything. Now, my husband has been over the issue of changing of name since two years ago. Is changing of name even necessary?

I talked to one of my friends, she said I should go and change the name. But in as much as I change the name, the authority over the properties will now be divided, it will now be between me and my husband and to me there wouldn’t be enough concentration. I need my husband to understand but he’s not. What if my father doesn’t have properties, won’t we survive? I told my parents, they too do not actually like the idea but they told me to do what seems best to me.
I told my husband to let us change half of the properties to our name, or use Mr and Mrs, he said no, it has to be Mr only, he said do I have trust issues with him? Sir, but this person is my father. Can’t I decide on my own on how to manage my father’s properties?

I don’t understand again and I wouldn’t want to disobey my husband. What do you think I can do?

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