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While gold is regarded as one of the most valued natural resources on it and costly at that, in the city of Kanazawa it is just like a normal commodity.

This was discovered by an explorer identified as Joe Hattab when he visited the Japanese city.

Reactions as man visits city of gold, consumes gold tea and ice cream and also washes face in it
The city is famed for having gold in surplus Photo Credit: Screengrabs from video shared by Discover with Joe Hattab Source: Facebook

Joe, in a video he shared on Facebook, showed some sections of the blessed city and its people.


Kanazawa people are so blessed with gold that it is added to almost everything they do. The city which is reported to supply more than 90 percent of the gold in Japan has ice cream with gold in it.

In the video, Joe was made to wash his face with gold as he visited one of the stores.

Man visits Japan city of gold, shares video
A snack covered in gold for consumption Photo Credit: Screengrabs from video shared by Discover with Joe Hattab Source: Facebook

Joe wondered why the people of the city eat ice cream and drink tea with gold in it and came to the conclusion that it was because of the value attached to it.


A waiter while handing a gold ice cream to the explorer revealed that chances of picking up a sickness after consuming items in gold are about 0.0001 percent.

Though when consumed, the gold is without a taste.

Mixed reactions trail the video

Aemie Xierah stated:

“Gold ruin your health. Doesn’t it?.. well nvm, everything can ruin someone’s health even veggies n fruits that grew with chemicals.”

Sami Radcliffe said:

“Ridiculous absolutely ridiculous W*tf eat gold still comes out stinking doesn’t give no benefits to the body … feed the poor billons of kids dieing of hunger all u care about is going around the world eating gold when ur going drop it into the toilet lmfao lol u can use that money to build houses feed the poor.”

Shailendra Patil wrote:

“Gold is good for health , if you see in Indian medicine Ayurveda you will understand the metal like gold, silver small quantity is beneficial to health.”

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