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A WhatsApp conversation between a lady and her ex-boyfriend who has refused to move on has surfaced online.

Apparently, the lady who is about to become a bride had a very strong relationship with her ex, one in which her family welcomed him as one of theirs.

Unfortunately, things went sour between them and they amicably parted ways.

However, the man is refusing to totally cut ties with the lady as he has insisted on remaining friends with her family.

While the lady was away, her ex-boyfriend paid a visit to her mother where he was informed about her upcoming wedding introduction. 

Speaking to his ex-girlfriend, the young man vowed not to end communications with her family while insisting on being friends with her mother whom he referred to as ‘good’.

The leaked WhatsApp conversation shows the lady confronting him to know why he visited her mother, and the man in his response made it clear that he would never cut ties with her family.

He further made it clear that nothing will stop him from attending her introduction. 


See chat below:

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