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I am Chef Deo from Ile-Oluji, Ondo State, Nigeria. I am embarking on an endeavor aimed at breaking the Guinness World Record for the longest continuous cooking marathon.

This culinary event has objectives that go beyond the record-breaking attempt.

  1. Breaking the Guinness World Record: My primary objective of the 150-Hour Cooking Marathon is to surpass the existing Guinness World Record for the longest continuous cooking marathon. By achieving this feat, the event will garner international attention, placing Ile-Oluji and Ondo state on the map as a hub of culinary excellence.
  2. Showcasing Culinary Diversity: Through this marathon, I want to showcase the vast culinary diversity of Nigeria and Africa as a whole. By preparing a wide range of traditional and modern dishes from various regions, therefore celebrating the rich cultural heritage and culinary traditions of my country; Nigeria. The event will provide an opportunity for people to experience the flavors, techniques, and ingredients unique to Nigeria.
  3. Inspiring Culinary Enthusiasts: The cooking marathon aims to inspire aspiring chefs and culinary enthusiasts by showcasing the dedication, skill, and creativity required in the culinary field. By undertaking this monumental challenge, I hope to motivate others to pursue their passion for cooking, embrace culinary excellence, and explore innovative techniques and recipes.
  4. Community Engagement and Empowerment: The event seeks to engage and empower the local community by involving them in various aspects of the cooking marathon. This includes providing opportunities for volunteers, showcasing local talent, and collaborating with local suppliers, farmers, and artisans.
  5. Building a Global Brand: I aspire to build a global brand through the 150-Hour Cooking Marathon. By undertaking such a challenging and high-profile event, I seek to gain widespread recognition and establish myself as a culinary expert and influencer.

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