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Kaduna state Governor Nasir Ahmad El Rufai yesterday said he was disturbed when the President elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu lost Gombe Presidential election to his close rival, former vice president, Atiku Abubakar.
El Rufai said his fears were however dispelled by the outcome of the Governorship Election which returned Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya for the second term in office.

Speaking at the ground Breaking ceremony of five hundred and fifty Affordable housing units at Shongo Gardens under the state government Family Home Fund, El Rufai said the results of the Governorship Election has shown clearly that the people of Gombe State know how to separate the wheat from shafts. “When the results of the presidential elections was announced, and Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu came second in Gombe, we were quite worried about the re-election of Governor Inuwa Yahaya.

“But I was very pleased that the people of Gombe State have shown once again that they know how to separate the wheat from the shafts. They know those that worked for them, they know those that promised and break their promises and were very strategic and selective in their voting that they returned Governor Inuwa Yahaya with overwhelming gap of over 130,000 votes for his re-election. They even increase the number of APC members in the state House of Assembly by two,” he said.

He thanked the people of Gombe State for votyfor Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and re-electing Governor Inuwa Yahaya and assured them that what they have seen in the last four years is just the beginning. According to him the last four years have been very difficult in governance because of the outbreak of COVID-19 in the year 2019 and the Ukraine-Russia war of 2022 which disturbed the global economy and affected the revenues of most states.

“Most states’ federal allocation dropped by as much as 90 percent. It is within these challenges that Governor Yahaya was able to do all the infrastructural and social capital development that you see in the last four years,” he said. In his address, Gombe State Governor, Muhammadu Yahaya said he is replicating the developmental strides of his Kaduna State counterpart, Nasir El-rufai, in Gombe State without apologies. According to him, his relationship with El-rufai transcends politics to political ties of over 32 years, describing the friendship as father and son.

“A brother, friend, colleague, but above all an in-law. I’m married to his niece Asma’u, for 32 years now. And all this while there is nothing else than brotherly, and fatherly relationship that has come to fore. Little wonder, a lot of people here used to say El-Rufai is my role model; that I copied a lot from El-rufai.


“It’s not bad for any son to copy from his uncle (father), especially the good deeds of his uncle am very proud of you your Excellency and no matter what, nobody will doubt and history will tell it that you are among those leaders that transformed this country, saved and built a foundation on which a proper development will be laid for generations yet unborn to come and live happily,” he said.

He said replicating El-rufai’s strides would encourage development across board, adding, “I’m sure copying from you not only in Gombe State but elsewhere will be able to uplift humanity and move forward together with the rest of the developed world.”


Source: The Nation

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