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Fast-rising songwriter, Kehinde Daniel Hassan, aka Kent Edunjobi has spoken on how his hit song ‘Ebenezeri’ came about.

Speaking on Friday, the Celestial Church of God singer said how the song became a hit caught him unawares. 

Kent Edunjobi said he did the song for his church choir without expecting it to take him to the limelight.

According to him: “Ebenezeri is a song I wrote for my choir last year November for our church anniversary. It is a yearly programme and it was that time of the year when we had our anniversary and the choir would always perform a special number on each occasion.

“Being the head of the choir, I was supposed to write a song and for some reason, nothing was coming to my head. I had so much I was doing at the time so I remember someone coming to meet me to ask how far with the song, I told him we will probably pick one of our old songs and perform it.

“But then when I got home I realised that if I do this, people will think I’m lazy so I said a short prayer that God please give me lines so I can go and teach your people on Sunday.


“Hours after, God gave me the word Ebenezeri which means My help has come. So I started working on the song with my Piano and that was how I wrote the song.”

According to Kent, long after the song was written he didn’t push it until this year when he suggested to his choir to post the video on YouTube.


The ‘Ebenezeri’ crooner said after the uploading on YouTube sometime around March, the views he had swept him off his feet.

The video has been doing well with millions of views. 


Kent Edunjobi said the video had no sponsor but The God Factor.

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