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It has become general agitation that there has been fraud on going in the Nigerian Army especially with the war against insurgency in the North East code named operation Lafiya Dole with so many millions of naira going unaccounted for while the troops wallow in hunger and their families suffer back home.

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However recent discoveries hava also revealed that the corruption in the Nigerian Army is endemic as the military hierachy is deeply enmeshed in the rot that tends to put in reverse the gains of the war against insurgency.

Investigations have also revealed that certain favoured postings are being effected on the basis of involvement in such draconian schemes as such anyone who refuses involvement is seen out as was the case with former theatre commander for Operation Lafiya Dole, Maj. Gen. Ibrahim Attahiru who was shown the way out for what our sources termed liberality and divulging information to general public about happenings to the troop.

It has also been revealed that the tradition is to always reward those who have accepted to be part of the fraud regime of Gen. Tukur Buratai who is accused of heading the cartel. The Chief Of Army Staff was said to have personally recomended Attahiru’s tranfer as he refused to follow the script as was the case with former Commander, Maj. Gen. Leo Irabor who was rewarded with the juicy posting of Multi National Joint Task Force (MNJTF) another military cash cow for being loyal to the cabal.

The cabal which has resorted to propaganda in order to cover up the retrogression in the accomplishment of troops at the war front, have found a new accomplice in the new Commander, Maj. Gen. Rogers Ibe Nicholas who has carried on with the tradition of covering up the mess in the organisation while dealing threats as is the modus operandi to protesting or inquisitive personnel.

It could be recalled that only recently the Senate had ordered the reinstatement of certain military personnel who had been discharged for their attempt to question the ills and back hand practices in the army; a recomendation the army is yet to comply with.


Meanwhile as the cabal ķeeps having its way, the Nigerian army continues to suffer defeat in the hands of insurgents due to lack of motivation and unfortunately hunger coupled with negligence. Until the Federal Government looks into this, victory might only be a mirage.



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