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Actress and filmmaker, Mosun Filani, has stated that fame is good when it is not punctuated with scandals.

She told Saturday Beats, “Fame is a blessing when it is not associated with scandals. Fame makes one a brand, and when that happens, one’s name will open doors for one, even when it seems impossible. One will however have to work hard in order not to taint one’s good name.”

On the biggest lessons she has learnt in her almost two decades of being in Nollywood, Filani said, “I have been in the industry for almost 20 years, and I have learnt a lot. But, most importantly, I have learnt that in this industry, one should do one’s best and leave the rest. Whatever will be will be.”

Asked about the challenges she faces at this stage of her career, she said, “There is no major challenge in my career at the moment. However, on a broader note, the significant challenge faced by the film industry is financing. There are countless incredible stories and ideas waiting to be brought to life, but the lack of adequate funding hampers their production.”

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