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Abisola Aboh, an entrepreneur who launched her natural hair care range during the pandemic is now teaching Black women to love their hair.

Full Bloom Beauty centres Black women’s natural Afro hair in its entire range. The Black-owned hair care line offers a variety of impressive products on its online store, made out of the finest natural ingredients, to help customers grow and maintain healthy, thicker, and longer hair.  The faith-based hair care line uses 100% natural and plant-based vegan ingredients to formulate products that cater to a variety of hair treatment issues, and help customers grow healthy, thicker, and longer hair.

In a media release made available to African Voice, The founder and CEO of the hair care brand, Abisola Aboh, who was a hair vlogger for several years says she started the company to offer safe and effective hair care products after discovering many of the options available at the time were ineffective or contain harmful chemicals.

“I had been a hair vlogger for years and was frustrated with the products available on the market because they over-promised and under-delivered. So, I began to research and make my own natural hair care remedies and they actually worked in improving the health, thickness, and length of my hair. Before I knew it, I was making hair care products for my friends and family.”

Abisola founded Full Bloom Beauty in June 2020 during the height of the COVID 19 pandemic and has since been providing natural products for Afro hair textures. The hair care brand maintains that it uses only 100% natural and plant-based vegan ingredients to formulate cruelty-free products free of parabens, silicones, sulphate, and other harmful chemicals.

Known by her customers as Arralista, Abisola Aboh also runs an online blog on her brand’s website, through which she gives vital tips and hair coaching instructions, to help customers maintain healthy hair care habits. According to the numerous positive reviews, this has proven effective in regrowing edges and bald spots, improving the thickness and lustre of their crowns.


“Honestly Arralista is the real deal in hair coaching. She literally just illuminated my mind about how to look after my hair. With the tender loving care my hair is receiving now, I can see the difference. Highly recommend it.” – Dr. Alo.

“Amazing products. I am on my hair recovery journey with Full Bloom Beauty, and I am extremely impressed with the progress so far. My hair is growing back softer, fuller and quicker. Products also smell divine. I am a huge fan!” – Roni Savage.


From strengthening hair and reducing breakage to boosting growth and thickness, Full Bloom Beauty provides an array of effective hair care products that have been proven to make hair healthy, luscious and manageable. Anyone interested in trying out the brand’s products can visit its online store to purchase hair care products that work.

Source: African Voice


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