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Peter Obi’s former Special Assistant on Inter-party Affairs, Benji Obi, has disputed claims by the former Anambra State governor that he was very prudent with the state’s resources and consequently left billions for his successor, Chief Willie Obiano.

Speaking in a telephone chat with journalists in Abuja, Benji queried his former principal on the use of public funds for private functions, stating that the claims of the former governor when he was featured on The Platform were far from the truth.

The ex-Anambra governor was an Independence Day guest at the programme organized by Covenant Christian Center, where he spoke on the topic: Cutting costs in governance, stressing that he saved over N75bn for Anambra state during his regime.

Disputing claims by the former governor, Benji said, “Who built the first Helipad at the Government House in Anambra for his personal use?

“Peter Obi used helicopters to travel often while he was the governor, and he usually travelled alone or with one trusted aide. It was not a secret within the administrative circles in Awka. When he went to the burial of his wife’s sister, he flew in a helicopter. He took off from the Government House.”

“Peter Obi increased the money for his private kitchen at the Government House to N2million monthly and increased the feeding for the Police officers attached to him to N7million monthly,” he alleged, saying the increase was never translated to increased feeding.


Benji maintained that his former boss lied when he said he stopped the buffet-styled dinner being served at the Government House.

His words, “What he did was to sack all the previous cooks and butlers and employed over 30 cooks/butlers/stewards from Akwa Ibom and expanded the kitchen budget. The bills are still there. It is verifiable. The Akwa Ibom cooks and stewards were over 20; who were they cooking for? The buffet was always there.


“Peter Obi purchased a bulletproof BMW for his wife and two bulletproof land cruisers for himself. He even bought an additional one for his brother, Damian.

“He was always using private jets to travel as often as any other state governor in Nigeria. The records are there and can be made public. “Peter Obi should be careful the way he opens his mouth because we can expose him to the public enough to put him behind bars. Obiano does not want to probe him, so he should shut up.


“We have information that he is lobbying to avoid being probed. What he does not know is that President Buhari is a no-nonsense person. He does not take kindly to hypocrites and corruption,” he said.

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