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After a retrospective assessment, and a thoughtful hope for a more glorious future, the die is now cast as members of Egbe Itesiwaju, a progressive church society of the Cathedral Church of Christ Ilaro, celebrate her 51 years existence.
Come Sunday October 1, 2023, the President of Egbe Itesiwaju and respected elder statesman, Dr. S.A.J Ibikunle, the society’s Vice-President and Marketing Communications guru, Omooba Segun Adewale, the General Secretary, Mr Femi Ladipo, other executives and members of the society will gather to celebrate the usual yearly anniversary of the age-long society.
Egbe Itesiwaju is a progressive church society group of the Cathedral Church of Christ, Ilaro. In 1972, a group of 17 progressive minded male members of the then Christ Church Ilaro came together with the principal aim of fostering progress and development which the church obviously lacked then.
Consequently, and having in mind the agreed main aims and objectives of “promoting a forum for religious, social and intellectual activities among members, and fostering the progress of Cathedral church of Christ and to encourage members to take part in the matters concerned with the well-being of the Church”, the founding fathers of Egbe Itesiwaju, came up with a constitution and inaugurated the society on Sunday 25th June 1972.

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Otunba (Dr) S.A.J. Ibikunle
President Egbe Itesiwaju Cathedral Church of Christ Ilaro

Thus, the like minds and founders of society, whose efforts can never be forgotten are: Hon. Justice O.A Ajibola, Mr. J.G. Aina, Mr. J. Olu Akanbi, Mr. J.O. Agbokeye, Chief R. Armstrong Ibikunle, Prince A. O. Adewale, Mr. Pekun Dada, Mr. Abiodun Joda, Chief (Arch) D.O Kehinde and Chief (Prof.) Adewale Laditan.
Others are: Barr. Emma Ojo, Prof. Afolabi Olabintan, Prince Adepoju Olugbenle, Prince Adejumo Olugbenle, Prince Adedeji Olugbenle, Mr. Bisi Odegbaroye and Mr Bode Popoola.

Reflecting on the journey so far, the society’s present President, Dr S.A.J Ibikunle said members of the society have not only grown in numbers but most importantly in faith, unity and love for one another. “We have weathered storms and celebrated triumphs, always guided by our unwavering commitment to the teaching of Christ. As a society, we stand on the premise that Cathedral Church of Christ Ilaro has been a sanctuary of hope, a wellspring of compassion, and a beacon of light in our community”. He said.
Ibikunle charged all members of the society to continue to nurture the seeds of love, faith and goodwill that have been sown “in our hearts by the founding fathers of this great society, let them continue to flourish for generations to come. Together with the young ones, we shall carry forth the mission of Egbe Itesiwaju, spreading the message of God’s love and grace to all comers of the world.”
“On this special day, let us offer our gratitude to God for His unwavering presence in our lives and for the blessings He has bestowed upon Egbe Itesiwaju. May our faith continue to grow, our community flourish, and our love for one another deepen as we embark on this new chapter in our journey of faith”. He Concluded.
Members of the society will gathered at a designated place in Ilaro on the eve of the anniversary day on September 30, 2023 for the “President’s Night” while the 51st anniversary is celebrated on Sunday October 1, 2023.
Membership of Egbe Itesiwaju is open to all male members of the Cathedral Church of Christ with status as ordinary members, while their wives are honourary members. It is worthy to state, that the society has grown its membership base from the local level to including members in the diaspora.

Happy 51st Anniversary to Egbe Itesiwaju!

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