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Pastors Adeboye of RCCG and Abina of Gofamint

The Nigerian Pentecostal Family has just been hit hard within a week. In the span of seven days the two most respected and oldest Pentecostal G.O.s in Nigeria both lost their sons. Pastor E.A Adeboye of RCCG and Pastor E.O. Abina of The Gospel Faith Mission International (Gofamint), in Lagos.Screenshot 20210507 072745

Dare Adebote, right and Emmanuel Abina

The late Emmanuel F.Abina was the Pastor of the church in Abuja (he died on 28 April, 2021) while the late Dare Adeboye was a youth pastor in RCCG, he was 42 years old. He died on 4 May.

When it comes to death, we are all equal, no debates, no arguments, when it’s your time you must oblige. Life is a school, we keep learning until we die, no one is insured from the happenings of life, not a single one of us is immune from life’s troubles or sorrows.

God is sovereign hence we are not allowed to put our trust in man, only God must remain the source of our faith and trust. As great as men are, the best of man is only but a man, flesh and blood.Screenshot 20210507 071727


Dr. Sunday Adelaja

Hence it’s time to lift up these fathers of faith in prayers at this very trying times for them. They too need all the support they can get, normally we go to them for help and support, it’s our time to also uphold them in our prayers. Rest In Peace to our departed brothers.


May the Good Lord comfort, strengthen and uphold the families and the ministries involved.

For The Love Of God, Church And Nation


Dr. Sunday Adelaja is the founder and senior pastor of the Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of God for All Nations, an evangelical-charismatic megachurch and a Christian denomination in Kiev, Ukraine.

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