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In show business , what seperates the boys from the men is the appearance on a dance floor or any floor for that matter. Making hit records is one thing and many boys have done it. But holding an audience in awe for as long as the show lasts is a man sized job. It takes personality a lot of it, a feeling for different audiences, the talent to handle many kinds of songs and a sense of pacing.

In an age where nostalgia is not what it used to be , methinks it is apposite to bring in the name of one of the MEN in the music field here who have done so much for so many with so little for so long, but for so little. Chief Inyang Nta Henshaw . For many years the leader and mentor of the Top Ten Aces . His chief weapon ( instrument now) his voice, exuded warmth and gave rise to aesthetic standards.

In realisation of perhaps the last link with him, the pair of E.E.A Ndem and Chris Ajilo for ten ever to be relished songs each of which reveals the depth of Henshaws Talent from the swinging opener ” Ndoho Eso Nta ” through the bluesy song for reverie ” Sunsunly ” , soul stirring ” Menso Kededi ” to the charming pace of ” Ma Ekanem” , the thought provoking and now relevant ” Ekpekam Eyak Ntie Nse Obot” and the unsurpassable ender Ediriye Canaan” you hear the impresario at his entertaining best.

I do not think it is necessary to add the saga of Chief Inyang Henshaw, but let it suffice to say that he was a rare gem in a field saturated with sameness. Together with the stalwart support of the Top Ten Aces, he brought joy to his own mind the – music lover. Also you say he is dead he shall continue to live in our music loving hearts.

Herein are ten aces songs as mementoes for you and I to keep and appreciate for a long long time. This I understand is just the first in a lot to come. Let it roll on your turn table and you will appreciate why I have had to write this sleeve.

Source: Evergreen Music Archive


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