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No fewer than eight family members have been abducted in a new residential area at Kofar Gayan/Kofar Kona axis of Zaria in Kaduna State on Saturday night.

It was gathered that on Sunday the hoodlums released their parents while the six children are still under captivity.

Narrating the incident, the daughter of the abductees, Hafsat Habib Kusfa, said 7 bandits holding guns and machetes broke into their home around 12 am on Sunday morning.

According to her, immediately they entered their house they were moving from one room asking occupants to come and later assembled her parents and siblings in one place.

“Thereafter they took away my father, mother, sister, and my brothers. They took eight of my family members.

She said on Sunday afternoon, the bandits released her father and mother, whom she said were immediately rushed to the hospital because none of them could speak.


“From their condition, it is evident that they received severe beatings from their abductors and they are now terribly sick,” she stressed.

As of the time of filing the report, the Police and the state government are yet to confirm the incident.


CLAIM 1: A Twitter user claims UNICEF said any efforts to block children from accessing pornography might infringe their human rights.



CLAIM 2:  A website report shared by the Twitter user claims UNICEF said pornography is not always harmful to children.

VERDICT: MISLEADING! UNICEF in its report explained that though there are different kinds of risks and harms that have been linked to children’s exposure to pornography but there is ‘no consensus’ on the ‘degree’ to which pornography is harmful to children.Bandits abduct eight family members in Zaria

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