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Chief Jacob Egietseme Idinye, a former Governorship aspirant in Edo State has accused Prince Kassim Afegbua of being a “mole” in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Speaking on Wednesday in Abuja with some selected journalists, Idinye said it is unfortunate the PDP still allows the former Commissioner of Information in Edo State to remain a member of the party after he publicly worked against Governor Godwin Obaseki in the September 2020 guber poll and has now started on a national scale by engaging in hatchet work against Alhaji Atiku Abubakar.

“Kassim Afegbua is from the same area with me in Edo State, I know his antics very well, no one should ever take him seriously, and I put it to him that he is a mole in PDP. These are people who get information in the day in PDP and in the night, they go to other political parties and give them the information for pecuniary gains,” Idinye said.

“It is not in Afegbua’s position to publicly declare where Presidency should be zoned in the country, that is the responsibility of the PDP leadership. And I also want to tell him that he should stop overheating the polity or rocking the boat in PDP especially as it concerns the leadership.

This man should stop playing god, he said to the world in 2020 that Obaseki will lose in Edo State, he even openly worked for the opposition, but God proved him wrong, now Atiku is his next target, but I assure him he will also fail. Atiku’s age is an added advantage to him with a bundle of experience and meritorious and indelible achievements. I’m sure Afegbua will also grow old someday, is this the way he would like to be treated too? Afegbua should retrace his steps and work for the party with the clear mind of patriotism and decency.” Idinye stated.

He further noted that the constitution of the country is very clear about who can vote and be voted for, adding that Atiku is fit to be Nigeria’s next President, according to him “Atiku is fit, eminently qualified, competent, well rounded with a clear mind, detrabilized, well exposed and very well prepared for the position of President of Nigeria. The country did not set age limit for the position once you crossed age 35, the door to run for President becomes wide open.” Idinye disclosed.


The Edo PDP chieftain continues, “I’m using this opportunity to appeal to the leadership of PDP at Ward level, State level and at National level to accordingly sanction Kassim Afegbua for engaging in anti-party activities and also for maligning the good reputation of an innocent aspirant like Atiku. In the last few days, Afegbua has been saying so many unprintable things about Atiku on national television stations and also on the pages of newspapers. This is the most vicious, callous, and treacherous adventure anyone who calls himself a true party man can ever get involved in”.

He added, “The party is meant to be an integrative platform where various people from different backgrounds will come together to push through the strength and interest of the party, and essentially that is how victory can be achieved not what we see Afegbua doing. Enough of this blackmail and incendiary comments against Atiku and our party PDP”


Meanwhile, when asked about his next personal political move in the State, Idinye swiftly declined interest to run for any elective position in Edo State in 2023, but promised to give full support to all PDP candidates in his state who will be contesting in that election year.

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