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A successful three-day apostolic prayer revival ended on Friday at the Christ Livingspring Apostolic Ministry (CLAM) with Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo, the Guest MInister, advising Nigerians to seek urgent divine intervention in all areas of their lives, as well as in Nigeria.

Pastor Ashimolowo, the Senior Pastor of Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC Global), urged the congregation to think and walk in dominion because that is their divine mandate according to Genesis 1:28. Quoting 1 Peter 2:9, Pastor Ahimolowo said believers have been called out of darkness into the kingdom of light.


Therefore, every believer should exercise dominion and walk in the light. According to him, “we have been called out of poverty and sickness; I have never slept in the hospital since I became a believer 50 years ago at the age of 20”. He warned believers to differentiate between prayers of appeal and prayers of authority and dominion.

Arising from Gen 1:28, he identified five levels of dominion:

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  1. To be fruitful, fertile, productive, and lucrative (Psalm 1:3; Prov 24:2: 1 Tim 6:17
  2. To multiply
  3. To replenish (Prov 3:9-10, Amos 9:13)
  4. To subdue, take over, and take charge.
  5. To dominate

Pastor Ashimolowo said every believer is imbued with a winning idea, hence they must pray for that winning idea to be birthed.

Explaining why believers need divine intervention, he said: “If you don’t face any problem, you won’t know about the divine solution; if you don’t face anything, you won’t become something. Every word of God has a return ticket with provision for excess luggage. This means God is ever ready to intervene in our solutions if and when we call on him”.


“Your age is not a barrier when God wants to intervene. Time is not a barrier, only your unbelief can stop God”, he said, adding that: ” It is our mandate to prosper. Jesus spoke 37 parables, 23 were on finance. There are 2000 scriptures about money in the bible”.

On the final day of the revival, Pastor Ashimolowo spoke on Overcoming Strongholds. According to him, “the biggest Goliath that defies Christian’s prayers is finance”. He urged believers not to neglect the work of God so as not face the consequences as stated in Haggai 1:1-12)


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