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The Corps Commandant of the Osun Security Network, code-named Amotekun Corps, Brig.-Gen. Bashir Adewinmbi (rtd), has said the corps will use spiritual powers and modern security techniques to combat banditry, kidnapping and other crimes in the state.

Adewinmbi made the disclosure while fielding questions from journalists at his residence, in Ede, Ede North Local Government area of Osun State.

He hinted that those that would be considered to work as the operatives of the state security network were the people with high spiritual profile.

Describing Amotekun as a force of liberation, he said the security outfit would protect Southwest people from invaders, who had constituted threat to the region.

He said: “After the recruitment exercises, the successful corps will go for training. They will go for three weeks rigorous training. Thereafter, they would be deployed to all the 32 local government Areas of the state of Osun.

“We are offered to employ 350 corps across the state. That’s not the end. It’s going to be in phases. This is phase one, after this one, we are still going to employ another two phases.

“All the adhoc staff came for the interview and they would be considered. We are considering them. Though, it’s not automatic.

“The criteria for the employment would be based on certificate and spiritual. You know Amotekun is based on traditional knowledge. We are taking the two into consideration during the course of screening.


“Amotekun operatives are going to be well trained by professionals and security experts.”.

Speaking on the recent armed robbery attack that occured in Apomu and Ikire communities, Adewinmbi said that the robbers did not succeed in looting the banks because of the promptness of the police and other security agencies.

He explained that the bank robbery incident had taught the state security network to be more proactive, vigilant and to always work on any intelligent reports immediately.

“Immediately I was alerted, we dispersed four vehicles with our men to the place and they got to the place on time and they fed me back. They were physically present at the scene of the incident.

“The armed robbers did not succeed in carting away the valuables because of the collective efforts of the police, local security and other security agencies.

“What we have been able to leant is that we need to be proactive, be vigilant and when there is any intelligent reports we need to process it immediately, and there should always be thorough search of vehicles because the armed robbers came with about four vehicles for the operation. Nobody accosted them or asked them who they were. We should be very proactive in future to detect any incident of such on time.


“I was reliably informed that the robbers have written the people of Apomu that they were coming . I was reliably informed by Are Ode of Apomu that they were coming”. He said.

Speaking on the recent intelligent report that the Fulani herdsmen had already invaded the southern part of the country and may spark at anytime, Adewinmbi assured the people of Southwest that there was no cause for panic.


“It’s an intelligent report that has been given by a credible personnel. General Toogun. We cannot throw away that report. we would process it and we will work on it. And I want to assure the people of South West that there is not cause for panic. We are strategizing. We are working on it.

He however debunked the information that the outfit does not have enough vehicles to aid their operational movement saying it was a blatant lie.

Lennox Mall

Adewinmbi said: “We have enough vehicles to move round the state. The government is planing to buy more vehicles for us but the one we have now is enough to go round the state.

The Amotekun Commandant however charged residents of the state to always make information available to security saying the only way to win the war against insecurity in the country is for the people to be ready to volunteer information on criminals .


Adewinmbi said that security of life and property requires collective efforts of every individual since criminals were not ghosts but members of various communities.

The security expert, who explained that the state would get rid of criminal elements only when residents offer useful information that can lead to the arrest of these undesired people in their communities, said such security tips would be treated confidentially.


He however urged the residents to call 293 whenever they have any information that has to do with security.

“We have 293 security number. you can without having credit on your phone. Just dial 293,”he said.

“All these crimes taking place now have their roots from cultism. It is from cultism that the criminality graduates to bigger crimes. The bandits, kidnappers, armed robbers and rapists belong to one cult group or the other. The government is making efforts to crack down on all these through Amotekun.

He commended Governor Gboyega Oyetola for the proactive approach towards security matters, urging Osun residents to support efforts at stamping all forms of crimes out of the state.


“What I’m expecting from the people of the state is to cooperate with the government and ensure that the regime of our governor, Alhaji Isiaka Oyetola does not end in year 2022. His tenure should be extended so that Osun can continue to enjoy what they are enjoying now.”

He also condemned payment of ransom to secure the release of any abducted person from the captivity saying it was a way of encouraging more people to join the business. He therefore urged the federal government to adopt another approach that would serve as deterrent to others.

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