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Goodwill messages have been pouring in to mark the 64th birthday of Pastor Wole Oladiyun, Senior Pastor of the Christ Livingspring Apostolic Ministry (CLAM), Omole, Lagos, and the 25th anniversary of the Ministry which was founded in 1998. Here are excerpts:

CLAM @25

Looking at the blessings of phenomenal growth and flourishing of the CLAM formation all over the world we cannot but thank God for his Faithfulness. I remember vividly when CLAM was 15 years the lord spoke to me as a guest minister that his covenant with the commission is sacrosanct and like a spark of fire the work will spread all over the continents of the world. l am elated and I rejoice with my covenant Brother Apostle Wole Oladiyun and his amiable wife, Pastor Mrs. Bukonla Oladiyun on this milestone.

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I celebrate your doggedness and tenacity. Your clarity of vision is unparalleled. Your versatility is enviable. When I look at the wisdom and excellence displayed, when I consider the organizational skill and administration at work, I am excited that the world needs to come and learn from the church. CLAM represents a beacon of light that the world desperately needs.

In the next five years, I see CLAM in the light of Isaiah 32:15-20, 32:15 Until the spirit be poured upon us from on high, and the wilderness be a fruitful field, and the fruitful field is counted for a forest. 32:16: Then judgment shall dwell in the wilderness, and righteousness remains in the fruitful field. 32:17: And the work of righteousness shall be peace; and the effect of righteousness quietness and assurance forever. 32:18: And my people shall dwell in a peaceable habitation, and in sure dwellings, and quiet resting places.

32:20 Blessed are ye that sow beside all waters, that send forth thither the feet of the ox and the ass.





On behalf of myself and my family and JLM/PLIN formations worldwide, we congratulate CLAMITES, Apostle, and Pastor Mrs. Oladiyun on the occasion of 25 years.

Shalom. Apostle and Pastor Mrs. Dele Johnson.


Let me begin by saying that attempting to present a perspective on the man popularly called Pastor Wole is very herculean to say the least, because, his personality cannot even be exhaustively described in a whole book. Married to Pastor Bukola Elizabeth Oladiyun and blessed with great children and grandchildren, Pastor Wole Oladiyun who I am proud to celebrate as my father in the Lord, has a unique personality that radiates so much confidence, exudes Joshua’s kind of boldness which is “no retreat, no surrender”, embodies love, compassion, faith, and intelligence. He believes that impossibility is an outcast in the school of faith.

Pastor Wole has the gift of intelligence and articulation of your thoughts and a very special grace for empathy. He is a detribalized Nigerian who sees every human being utmost as a soul that Jesus died for and that God wants to be saved, a heterogenous mindset that is reflected by his passion and zeal in pursuing outreaches to any corner of the world, as long as God gives the go ahead, and from my many years of a direct relationship with him, I can testify that his passion to live a very Godly legacy is unrivaled and to put in proper perspective, Pastor Wole Oladiyun is a trans-generational asset.

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I call him the bridge who has made himself accessible to both the high and low and even though he fraternizes with the highs, he is very humble, simple, and proud to seat and relate with the lows. To him, everyone is equal and important before God and he dreams of a situation where everyone together will be above the waters of life because he hates to see anyone downtrodden, having experienced the very hard part of life from an early age himself. I see in him a man of God who has successfully created the “we feeling” among his nuclear and extended family members which have become a big factor in his success in the ministry so far and being a big fan, I pray with all sincerity that God helps me in replicating same in my family and Ministry.

An Apostle who breaks new grounds with ease, my father in the Lord celebrates and encourages people with fervour and loves to see people do well and no wonder, God placed under his care the fast-growing Christ Livingspring Apostolic Ministry (CLAM) which has become a place of honey that attracts all and sundry globally with outstanding testimonies daily, a ministry that lives out its name gushing out the water of life for the healing of the nations.


I appreciate the fact that CLAM is a multi-faceted ministry that embodies the holistic gospel and makes it a place of refuge for everyone. With farms to help in feeding the nation, hospitals providing physicians and balm in Gilead – Jeremiah 8:22, scholarships for indigent students to get education through the Pastor Wole foundation (PAWOF), boreholes to help in water provision in different communities, etc, and the gospel of light to bring people out of darkness into light.

It is apt to unequivocally declare that Pastor Wole Oladiyun and the Christ Livingspring Apostolic Ministry which is God’s assignment in his hands are in a prime place of God’s agenda for this generation and those coming and by the special grace of God, my father in the Lord, Baba Aladura of our generation and CLAM global will continue to grow from strength to strength. I am proud to be associated with him and celebrate him as my father in the Lord. Long live Baba Aladura, Long live Christ Livingspring Apostolic Ministry, and Glory to God most High.

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Pastor Imoh Ekpin, Executive Head, CLAMGO.


Our father in the Lord, the Senior Pastor of CLAM, Pastor Wole Oladiyun, can be said, like Prophet Jeremiah (Jer. 1:5), to belong to the class of those God ordained from the foundation of the world to serve him and do his will. His father, Elder Samuel Oladiyun, of blessed memory like Abraham (Gen. 18:19) was highly instrumental to the realization of this calling as he started him off from the foundation of Christ Apostolic Church Oke-Isegun Ile-Oluji in Ondo State with strict discipline and covenanted him to God as an Apostle of Prayer, a Deliverance Minister, an unapologetic Evangelist, and a Crusader. This foundation/background remains unchanged to date as it influences his ideologies about the Christian journey and his calling to the ministry.

Lennox Mall

Pastor Wole Oladiyun had it rough due to the passing on the glory of his father at a very early age. With the help of the all-sufficient, all-knowing, faithful, and covenant-keeping God, the purpose of God for his life remained on course, hence he often describes himself as a product of grace. He married the love of his life, Pastor Mrs. Elizabeth Bukola Oladiyun (nee Olubakinde) as ordained by God. She has consistently and wholeheartedly supported and complemented the purpose of God for his life and his vision.

Proverbs 22:29: Seest thou a man diligent in his business, he shall stand before kings, he shall not stand before mean men. The call of God to a full-time Ministry was birthed in 1998. Pastor Wole is not only a prayer priest, but he is also an administrator and very vast in operations, hence CLAM over the years has been involved in a series of highly effectively and efficiently coordinated structures, activities, and operations that are still evolving. These include:

  1. CIA: CLAM International Academy: The Teaching and the Training arm of the ministry ensuring the “Building of a total man”. CIA has taught and trained Ministers, Pastors, Prophets, Teachers, and believers at home and abroad in the art of Word based prayers, Deliverance, and Evangelism to mention but a few following the CLAM brand.
  2. CLAMGO: CLAM Global Outreach: The Soul Winning and the evangelistic arm of the Ministry involved in soul winning and liberation of lands, Towns Cities, and Nations for God.
  3. MAFCO: Ministers Apostolic Fire Convocation which over the years had been a 3-Day non- denominational Apostolic retreat for Christian leaders both home and abroad in preparedness for their ministerial assignments and well-being throughout the year.
  4. Family Life: A robust setup that looks into every facet of the care and w.ell being and welfare of the family as a whole in the ministry. This is under the leadership of our indefatigable, resourceful, calm, and unassuming, Intercessor and worshipper mother in the Lord Pastor Mrs. Bukola Oladiyun as its Executive head. Family life enjoys full synergy with Voice of Joy and Gladness Women International Ministry, a ministry that God founded through our mother in the Lord.
  5. CLAM Christian Education: Made up of many departments that cater to the holistic education and balanced lifestyle of CLAMites at home and abroad.
  6. Prayer parliament. A Prayer search engine first of its kind in the whole world that contains prayers that address all manner of Situations and challenges that mankind experience.
  7. PAWOF: Pastor Wole Oladiyun Foundation takes care of indigent students in various fields of endeavors nationally and internationally.
  8. SOTERIA and Maternity Hospital: The world-class hospital that takes care of pregnant mothers and their children.
  9. The Ambassadors Church. The church for the youth is run by the youth. This development stems from the love and passion of Pastor Wole Oladiyun for the development, emancipation, and handing over of the baton to well-prepared, groomed, and balanced Millennials and Generation Z.
  10. CLAM GROWTH: CLAM is growing fast. Aside from the CLAM Headquarters in Omole Lagos, we have CLAM Prayer center Lekki, Ikoyi, UK, Houston, and Toronto. More CLAM Prayer Centers are expected shortly by God’s grace.

Happy 25th anniversary to our parents in the Lord, Pastor Wole Oladiyun and Pastor Mrs. Bukola Oladiyun, and to all CLAMites home and abroad. May CLAM endure unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ in Jesus’ name. Amen

Pastor Femi Olubakinde, Registrar CIA.



PASTOR OLAWOLE JOSEPH OLADIYUN! My Father in the Lord, my mentor, my coach, my pathfinder, my leader, amazing servant of God… A man of integrity….. A man with a large heart…… A man of God with so much passion for excellence……… A man with a strong spiritual antenna to pick heavenly information………. A man that does not need people’s reports before knowing individual motives and intentions…… A man that will squeeze the original juice out of one’s life for the benefit of that person………….. A man that will never allow you to remain where you are and how you are, he will bring the best out of you…

A man with a large heart to forgive anyone, even when you think he is still angry with you……….., A lover of humanity………… He loves to make an impact…………, A man that can give almost his eyes for others to use, this describes the kind of heart he has…………, A man of God that believes in the raw power of God without any iota of doubt………….. A lover of Nigeria……………., A man without tribal sentiments……….., A man of God with a unique physical strength and vigor ……………..A man of God with the wisdom of God beyond human comprehension… A man of God with an in-depth knowledge of God’s word………A man of God that believes that with prayer you can achieve the unachievable………A pleasant man to meet ………., Hospitable to the core…….., A prolific writer…………A man full of inspiration………. A man of God full of business Ideas, not limited to the pulpit alone ………….,

He doesn’t have any secret, he opens up to as many who are ready to learn around him. I don’t have enough words to describe him. Daddy, you have been a blessing to me, a destiny remolder, destiny repairer, destiny lifter, and destiny transformer. CLAM, is a ministry with a unique prayer pattern and brand, our prayer brand is Bible-based prayer. I joined CLAM in 2006 as a single brother fighting my way out of sweat and struggle. My destiny was repaired and remolded in CLAM; I found my path in life. CLAM is known to be a ministry that blesses her community. CLAM is a mountain of solutions. The accurate prophetic gift of the set man is one thing that people don’t joke with, CLAM is a complete church.

Pastor Sola Olaleye, Resident Pastor, CLAM, Omole, Lagos.



On behalf of my wife, family, and ministry – Seyi Oladimeji Ministry Int’l (aka Church Management Consult), we felicitate with the CLAM family globally for this landmark anniversary. We thank God for the life of Apostle Wole Oladiyun and Pastor Mrs. Bukola Oladiyun for these twenty-five years of global ministry impact. For all the souls saved in this ministry over the years, deliverance wrought in people’s lives, diverse and bizarre testimonies of God’s acts, and His strange acts in CLAM, we can not but rejoice and give glory to God.

CLAM has revived the prayer altar of so many people and ministries. The impact of MAFCO can not be underestimated in setting the tone of a new year for many ministers across denominations. Only eternity can reveal how many souls saved through CLAMGO over the years. Soteria Maternity and Hospital complement and complete this apostolic revival in the order of 1 Thessalonians 5:23 “….and may your whole spirit, soul and body be preserved blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.” We are privileged to have been part of CLAM’s success story as we watched, with amazement the transformation phases of CLAM and the wonders of God’s grace in this ministry.

If God can do so much in a space of twenty-five years, we can only expect Him to do much more in the next twenty-five years of CLAM. We pray that this ministry will go from strength to strength and that your path will shine brighter and brighter until a perfect day. (Psm 84:7 & Prov 4:18). As a beneficiary of God’s unique grace in CLAM, we pray for God’s servant and his wife over this ministry that their strength will not be diminished and the unction of God in their lives will be renewed like the eagles in Jesus name. Once again, happy twenty-fifth anniversary to the CLAM family worldwide.

Pst & Mrs. Seyi Oladimeji, Church Management Consult (SOMI)



In the book of Isaiah 41:10, the Bible says “ Fear thou not; for I am with thee; be not dismayed, for I am thy GOD: I will strengthen thee; yea I will help thee; yea, I will uphold the with the right hand of my righteousness. The tenacity and the undying faith of our father in the Lord, Pastor Wole Oladiyun, in the express instructions of the Almighty God have been the sustaining factor of CLAM over the last 25 years. He succeeded in building up the vision of “ APOSTOLIC REVIVAL FOR GLOBAL SOUL HARVESTING “ in us all with discipline and consistency in leadership by example.

Developing the power of prayers and being equipped with the knowledge of GOD are the secrets to our spiritual strength in CLAM. According to Daniel 11:32b – “but the people that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits”. These have developed effective tutelage over the years in various aspects of the ministry and GOD kept on growing CLAM into a global phenomenon.

Pastor Wole Oladiyun is also blessed with a woman who believes so much in him. He is a rugged Prophet of GOD with mercurial energy and a high level of spiritual resilience which he has channeled wholeheartedly into the kingdom assignment. Growing the vision of CLAM as an end-time ministry is a lifetime goal for Pastor Wole Oladiyun, and that is why he listens to God with rapt attention to express divine instructions.

My family joined CLAM in 2004, The spiritual, physical, and all-around growth of the ministry and the worshippers has been phenomenal and amazing. Our families are testimonies to what God is doing at CLAM. It is our fervent prayer that God will keep Baba and Mama Oladiyun to the end and sustain the ministry till Jesus comes.

Pastor Majek Okunola Owoo


All glory to God who has done great and mighty things for us, and for bringing this ministry to the silver gates in the kingdom journey. I particularly thank God for birthing CLAM in this generation, and for giving His servant, our father-in-the-Lord, Pastor Wole Oladiyun the mandate to superintend over His inheritance, and for backing him up for the assignment.

One very clear thing and of course undeniable is that CLAM as an apostolic and full gospel ministry has successfully redefined the prayer and apostolic ministry so much that the fire of apostolic prayer is spreading all over the globe. The vision – Apostolic Revival for Global Soul Harvesting is speaking to the glory of God. As of today, CLAM has outreach centers in Nigeria – Lekki, and Abuja and in the diaspora- Houston in the United States, Maryland in the United Kingdom, and Toronto in Canada. The ministry by the grace of God is prospecting more openings globally.

In the past 25 years, CLAM has grown in leaps and bounds, and has continually been a blessing to so many people, non-believers inclusive, riding on the “Love mandate” that Jesus gave to all believers according to John 13:34” A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another.”

The Senior Pastor, Pastor Wole Oladiyun, a prophet of God, and a lover of God, is a man of proven integrity, who humbles himself before the old and the young. A die-hard lover of Nigeria, a philanthropist, and a dedicated giver to the core. Many students irrespective of their faith, have benefited from Pastor Wole Oladiyun Foundation (PWOF), a forum through which many have obtained scholarships that saw them through secondary school and higher institutions as the case may be. One thing about him is that he loves to help people as much as he can; he doesn’t like to see people suffer because as he would always say “I have been there and I know how it feels”

Another thing one cannot but give kudos to him for is the grace God has given to him for proper Management and Administration. CLAM is where it is today first, by the grace of God, and also by the administrative tenets and structure effectively put in place.

Pastor Wole Oladiyun is a hard and smart worker and a goal-getter. One of the things I have imbibed from him over the years is “There is no room for excuses, there is always a way around every problem; find it”. In all, we give God all the glory for how far he has brought us in 25 years. I wish CLAM a happy silver anniversary. Congratulations

Pastor Tade Adewakun, CLAM Prayer Academy, Toronto, Canada.


My first time in CLAM was in November 2008 during the ‘Solution Night’ programme for that year. Immediately after the programme that night, I told my wife ‘I have found a Pastor I can follow’. I didn’t realise that I was speaking prophetically.

Daddy OLADIYUN as he’s fondly called is an uncommon leader with a passion for encouraging younger ministers to fulfill their purpose in life and ministry. An encourager par excellence. You can’t come in contact with the grace of God upon his life and not come away with life-transforming impartation. His simplicity, hard work, and tenacity have impacted my life in ways I cannot mention. My wife and I have been so blessed working directly with him over the years.

I bless the name of the Lord for establishing this Ministry CLAM through the hands of His servant and handmaiden. So many lives have been transformed and are still being transformed through this wonderful ministry globally to the glory of GOD.May the Lord continue to bless you daddy and mummy Oladiyun and the entire CLAM FAMILY worldwide.

Pastors Tunde & Opeyemi DADA, CLAM PRAYER ACADEMY, Houston, Texas



I came in contact with Pastor Wole Oladiyun on May 19, 2007, by divine arrangement. He gave a prophecy about my life and ministry, which was accurate. I became so close to him in 2011, and since then, I have been following him closely and intimately as his bulletin translator from English to Yoruba and his interpreter. By the grace of God, I have been in full-time ministry for about three decades now, and I have had the privilege to work and walk with ministers of the gospel. When I came across Pastor Wole Oladiyun I saw something different in his life and ministry from other men of God. This made me wonder what kind of man and minister this is. My perspective about ministry and life changed, and I got more knowledge about how to run my life, family, and ministry and make heaven.

I see a genuine man of God that has a sincere love for God, for the work of God, and humanity. He is one of the few crusaders and Evangelists in the world that love souls passionately and is sold out to crusades going to towns and villages, preaching the undiluted word of God, with great prophetic unction destroying idols and altars, and bringing restoration to the land. He is an apostle of community and land restoration.

My father, Pastor Wole Oladiyun is not a hypocrite, as I have seen with others. He’s a man who will tell you the truth in love even when he knows it will not go down well with you. If you do anything that annoys him or does anything wrong, he will let you know immediately, rebuke, and correct you instantly so that the best can come out of you. Baba Oladiyun is a man endowed with exceptional wisdom and knowledge from above, yet he is ready to learn from the low and high. He is a man who is not complacent. Having done much in kingdom work, he still works as if he has not done anything. He keeps improving and reinventing himself.

Baba stays glued to the work of the ministry with so much tenacity and focus. He has no time for idle talk or unnecessary outings or visitation. He spends most of his time praying, studying, writing prayer bulletins, counseling, and ministering to the physical, spiritual, and financial needs of the people. He is an astute administrator, manager, and businessman. Baba Aladura gave like the apostles of old. He is a philanthropist and a generous giver par excellence. He gives not because he has much, but out of love to see people happy and comfortable. He hates to see people suffering. He is a selfless and sacrificial giver. He is a man who looks for your well-being and that of your family. While you think he has forgotten you, and he’s not doing anything about your case, he’s busy working and thinking about you, and you would be surprised to know that he always has you in mind.

Pastor Oladiyun is a destiny helper, talent nurturer, lifter, and encourager. He gives you a platform, gives you a divine push, and makes sure he brings the best out of you. He is ready to share with you new knowledge or discovery so that you can be up-to-date. He reaches out to other ministries and ministers because he sees it as an expansion of God’s kingdom. His type is rare among contemporary ministers. God created him, especially for His glory (AKANDA ENIYAN NI). You can compare yourself with him but you can learn a great deal from him. He is a biblical prophet, and all his prophecy is in agreement with the scriptures.

By the grace of God, I benefited greatly from his life and ministry, and I owe my progress in life and ministry to God and him. I thank the all-knowing God for making my paths cross with him. My prayer is that the Lord will keep on strengthening and empowering him daily. He will finish well and he will not miss his rewards here and hereafter in Jesus’ name, amen. He has been stabbed and wounded by those he loved and helped, but he has not stopped loving and helping. He is bent on fulfilling heaven’s mandate, leaving a legacy of work that speaks after death. He lives a simple lifestyle; his life and ministry have impacted lives across the nation. He is not tribalistic; he is a lover of children and pregnant women. This gesture made him build an ultra-modern children’s ward and a world-class maternity hospital in Ile-Oluji and Lagos, respectively.

CLAM is a complete and total church of God where the word of God is preached for the deliverance of humanity from sin and the power of the kingdom of darkness. The weekly Wednesday revival service and the deliverance network have been places of refuge for all nations because all the activities of the church are transmitted live on social media. The transformation going on in the ministry is alarming. New things are happening every day to the glory of God. The best gift and favour that Pastor Wole Oladiyun receives is mummy Olubukola Oladiyun, a true child of God, God-fearing, exemplary leader, mother, home builder, and educationist. Baba was able to fulfill life and ministry with support and encouragement from her daily. May the Lord keep and preserve you both eternally and bless your generation forever in Jesus’ name.

Dr. John Debo Adeyemi, Senior Pastor, Glory Impact Apostolic Global Ministry (GIAGLOM), Lagos.


My Perspective of Pastor Wole Oladiyun and CLAM over the past 25 years

We thank God for the grace of witnessing this beautiful day and for sustaining our father-in-the-Lord, Pastor Wole Oladiyun, the family, and the ministry all these years. We bless the Almighty God for giving you Sir, as a gift to the body of Christ. I will equally like to bless the loin that seeded you and the womb that bore you for the legacy of Godly heritage bequeathed to you from which we are benefiting. I appreciate our mother-in-the-Lord for being a strong pillar of support.

Thank you Sir for the dimension you represent to the body of Christ. Thank you for the lives you have helped to enter their glorious destinies in Christ. Thank you for all the life-changing teachings. The vision of CLAM as delivered by God to our Father-in-the-Lord is apostolic prayers and deliverance via the Word of God and the mission is an apostolic revival for global soul harvesting. This is evidenced globally in the various CLAM Prayer Centers – Lekki, Abuja, UK, Houston, and Toronto Canada. We pray that the hand of the Lord upon you continue to cause you to do exploit in Jesus’ Name.

Pastor Wole Oladiyun, a highly respected prayer virtuoso, is a man called by God to be an evangelist with strong apostolic and prophetic grace. He is a man of prayer and consuming passion for soul-winning. He is a trailblazer, pacesetter, nurturer, super mentor, and coach to pastors/ministers in the body of Christ and the world at large. This is evidenced by the large army of followers that have been trained and are still being mentored in the various areas of calling in promoting the work of the kingdom.

There is a saying that if you have a father, you will go farther. We want to appreciate God for giving you to us as a father indeed who is always ready and willing to share. We thank you, sir, for your exemplary and purposeful leadership, commitment, and dedication to the divine assignment, guidance, and care over us. God’s greatest blessing for your life is our most humble prayer. May the Almighty God continue to prosper His works in your hands and His word in your mouth sir in Jesus’ name. Daniel 12 v 3: “Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heaven, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever.” Congratulations and thank you sir for leading the way.

Benson Oluwasipe, On behalf of all of us at CLAM Men’s Fellowship.

Celebrating CLAM and Pastor Wole Oladiyun @ 25

We thank God for the Christ Living Spring Apostolic Ministry (CLAM) at 25. I also want to celebrate God’s servant, Pastor Wole Oladiyun. I first met God’s servant before I experienced CLAM. I met him at an event held in my Church where we were guest ministers for a ministry that used our church venue for an event. I requested he pray for our Church when I sensed what he carried. He refused to do so because he felt that the Lord was no longer interested in my stay in that work because of another assignment he had for me on the Island in Lagos state.

I was shocked at that level of prophetic boldness to confirm what I already knew and much to refuse my request. It marked the beginning of our relationship in 2002. My meetings with him began, and he took time to guide me through commencing the work – at Zion Travailers Ministries in 2003. He didn’t only guide but also supported the work with resources as the opportunity came up. My contact with CLAM began when Pastor Wole Oladiyun came across my training brochure for ZTM Prayer Academy. He was excited and commissioned me to train CLAM intercessory team. This training eventually lasted for about four months. It marked the beginning of our yearly ZTM Prayer Academy using CLAM as a venue. Many Pastors and other ministers of God from different denominations were reached because CLAM was known as a place to be every Wednesday for Prayer revival and deliverance service. So, it was an opportunity for many to be invited for more profound training in the intercessory ministry.

Pastor Wole Oladiyun is a Prayer veteran gifted to our generation and engaged in trans-generational works. He leads CLAM with a soul-winning and church growth model that I can describe as: “Consistent Apostolic Prayers on the platforms of the Word, Holiness, and Righteousness; with a pragmatic demonstration of God’s power in weekly deliverance prayers and soul-winning outreaches and diverse’ eternity Ministries (such as hospital ministry, Empowerment for women and children, youths, education support programmes, nation-building programmes, and several corporate social responsibility programmes.”

Though Apostle Wole Oladiyun is close to other generals in the prayer corridor, he has a distinct and unique prayer and revival model, which is different in content and delivery. It means you can attend one of these generals’ prayer meetings and get to Apostle Wole’s meeting after 30mins and be heavily impacted. His unique style and prayer delivery is heavily grounded on the Word. Some years ago, in 2018 precisely, I was in Maryland, USA. I learned he was also in the same state in Baltimore ministering. As I attended that night’s prayer service at RCCG, one thing I was on the lookout for was how this Prayer model that I know him with would be applied since we had diverse audience members. As he mounted the stage, I saw multiplied grace in the prayer application with reliance on the Word and turning out heavily powered prayer arsenals. The diverse audience Prayed! It was a fantastic vigil.

Consistency as a person and in the brand is another thing you will find in Apostle Wole Oladiyun and CLAM. The Prayer model has been consistent, and God’s servant is unwavering in his commitment to God and work.


I believe there are vital lessons to learn from 22 years of relationship with CLAM and Pastor Wole Oladiyun. They are as follows:

  1. Ministers should find ministry uniqueness. Pastor Wole Oladiyun has found his niche and has, over time, become an enigma in the prayer space.
  2. One should strive to be consistent in what one is called to do.
  3. Ministers should have a heart and time for other ministries regarding collaboration and support. Pastor Wole Oladiyun is always willing to help ministers of God without any strings attached.
  4. Platform of holiness and righteousness. It is the platform CLAM and God’s servant operates. Anyone uncomfortable with this foundation and unwilling to change may not last long with CLAM or God’s servant in a relationship.

I, therefore, congratulate CLAM, Apostle Wole Oladiyun, Pastor Bukola Oladiyun, and all members of CLAM on the 25th anniversary. It is an incredible feat worth studying in the prayer landscape and soul-winning endeavors.

Seth Akhilele, Ph. D, President, House of Purpose-TA & DG, Followership Development Institute (FDI), Lekki, Lagos

To the World’s Best Leader!!

I wanted to take a moment to extend my warmest congratulations to you, my mother in the Lord, and CLAM GLOBAL Family worldwide, on the 25th anniversary of CLAM. This is an incredible milestone, and I am honoured to have been a part of this journey with you.

My Perspective

Psalm 1241-8: “If it had not been the LORD who was on our side, now may Israel say” aptly summarizes the faithfulness of God to CLAM”. Thank God also for the visionary leadership of Pastor Wole Oladiyun. My Father in the Lord, Pastor Wole Oladiyun, is an uncommon leader with the interest of humanity at heart. A selfless, proactive, farsighted, an dedicated leader, who is instrumental in the success of the CLAM GLOBAL Apostolic brand. Through his hard work, smart work, determination, and passion he created a global Apostolic brand that is admired, respected and well-embraced by many.

It is truly inspiring to see the impact he has made in our team, individual life, the Church, the body of Christ in our nation, and the broader society. His commitment to excellence, innovation, and service delivery has set a standard for all of us. We are proud to be a part of this exceptional Ministry. As we celebrate this special occasion, I want you to know how grateful we are, the CLAM PRAYER CENTRE LEKKI Family, for your mentorship, guidance, prayers, and support. You have always been there to challenge us, encourage us, and empower us to achieve our goals. Your spiritual sagacity and leadership have made a positive difference in our lives, families, careers, and businesses and for that, we are truly thankful. Once again, congratulations on this remarkable achievement. I wish you all the best as you continue to lead CLAM GLOBAL to even greater heights in the future.


Your Son, AkinTunde KOLADE, Centre Pastor, CLAM PRAYER CENTRE LEKKI.

Pastor Wole Oladiyun: The Man, the Pastor, the Prophet

When you want to describe our Father-in-the-Lord, Pastor Wole Oladiyun, the man who God has uniquely blessed to freely operate in all the five-fold ministry as an apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, and teacher (Ephesians 4:11), you’d then wonder where exactly you’re going start the story of his life from. Pastor Wole Oladiyun is a towering figure amongst his peers, colleagues, and contemporaries. He is such an enigmatic personality that in my little observation of him, it would take a person who is spirit-filled like his better half, our lovely and indefatigable Mummy Bukola Oladiyun to fully understand him. When he speaks, especially while giving a directive, you have to be discerning enough to know…

Pastor Wole Oladiyun is a workaholic to the core. The capacity of his brain and thought process transcends that of any mortal man I’ve known. Pastor Wole Oladiyun is a man who maintains a high level of faith that defies logic. He hardly sees any task – as daunting as it might be – as impossible. To him, everything is achievable. And he seldom falls short of whatever expectations are set before him. Were it not for his kind of person with unshakable faith in God and whatever course he believes in, CLAM would have been history a long time ago, unfortunately.

CLAM has weathered the storms of ministry and survived where many have failed times without number, especially during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. Most ministries could not survive the post-covid era. While some went into complete oblivion, others are yet to get out of the woods, because quite a sizeable number of members and worshippers who became used to online services deliberately refused to return to actual services post-covid.

But for CLAM, it was surprisingly different – more or less like members exchange. For one member that left, it was replaced with three or more. So, the first service held after COVID-19, a lot of people thought because it was CLAM’s Annual program – The Solution Nights which was held between 6:00-9:00 pm, was responsible for the turnout of people. But they were even more surprised that the subsequent weekly service recorded even higher turnouts. What a mighty God we serve!

The pastors and ministers in CLAM are among the best trained anywhere in the world, and this is no exaggeration. All the pastors sent forth from the Ministry are doing great wherever they are and it’s quite heartwarming to belong to such a Ministry, particularly under the tutelage of a man like Pastor Wole Oladiyun. If you’re indolent you can’t survive around him. It’s not surprising that all the proteges who were dutiful under his guidance made a success of their lives. Training under our Father-in-the-Lord, Pastor Wole Oladiyun offers some kind of unique education you can never be taught in any academic institution, yet much more valuable than any degree to be awarded by any university. I am a beneficiary, and I know several others too.

Finally, the story of CLAM and the set man would not be complete without mentioning the one person God has attached to the set man to be a “neck” to hold his head, the Aaron to interpret his thoughts and to lift his hands with Hur (Ex.17:12) in ceaseless prayers, physical and spiritual support. I speak of no other than his amiable wife, highly respected and appreciated Mother-in-the-Lord, Pastor (Mrs.) Bukola Oladiyun. She has been a pillar of support all the way. Taking the story of each of them in conjunction with the growth of CLAM in the last 25 years, certainly, a 500-page book would not be enough. I wish CLAM more fruitful years ahead in Jesus’ mighty name.

Biodun Gbadebo is the Executive Head of the Service Support Group, CLAM.


There are many wonderful things to say about my father in the Lord, Pastor Wole Oladiyun, however, for the sake of space, a few among them will be highlighted. Let me start with seven major attributes and qualities in his life that is worthy of emulation:

  1. He is a complete family man. He never jokes about a family issue, he takes his wife and children as a priority. His bond of relationship with his family is so unique and highly fantastic.
  2. A God-fearing man. He has a tremendous fear of God that he never toy sin secretly and will do everything possible to reconcile with offenders. He’s financially transparent, shuns immorality and all forms of unrighteousness.
  3. He’s a destiny enhancer, giver, and helper par excellence. He has a special passion to see that destinies and lives were transformed and enhanced to perform to the zenith of success both within the Christian cycles and among unbelievers, he has helped, blessed, sponsored, and encouraged many to succeed in life, putting in his resources and all energy he can foster to see people around him make it in life, even when he is not being appreciated.
  4. He is a humble philanthropist – Across racial and ethnic boundaries, recently he provides a community borehole water project for a whole community in India, He has built several hospitals and maternity Centres and equipped them with modern medical equipment and many other notable projects in the community across the globe, many have benefited from his – Pastor Wole Oladiyun Foundation (PAWOF) sponsoring numerous student from primary school to university level.
  5. He is a well-organized man. He’s very mindful of details and the perfection of things. He detests shady preparation, laziness, and lackadaisical attitude. A well-articulated planner, always updating to the latest possible means, hate complacency and acts of being indolent.
  6. Discoverer and Developer of talent and gift: Even before many people who have come across him know or discovered their God-given talents and gifts, he would have discovered them. Not only that, will encourage the person to develop and bring out the best in it.
  7. He is a word-based anointed Prophet, Teacher, Evangelist, Crusader, prayer virtuous, and an Apostle with a great shepherd heart.


I met Pastor Wole Oladiyun sometime around 1998, through Pastor Sunday Akinmoladun who spoke well about him and arranged how to meet him in Lagos. From the first day I met him in his office in Lagos, he took a special interest in me and prayed for me, and encouraged me to be effective in ministry.

  • He stated supporting my outreach ministry on monthly basis for more than 6 years right away from my days on campus.
  • Brought me closer, mentored me, and encourage me to publish my books, he wrote the first foreword d supported the production.
  • Allowed me to work under him as a ministerial apprentice for years before releasing me into the ministry.
  • It was when I was serving under him in CLAM that he exposed and taught me several things among which are highlighted below:
  • Administration: He made me be in this department for several months.
  • Deliverance: He made me understudy how to conduct practical deliverance when made to join the deliverance department and after two years, made me to be the deliverance department coordinator, and not only that, sponsored me to attend advanced deliverance school in Mountain of Fire and Miracles (MFM).
  • Crusade/Outreach: under him, I was exposed to crusade/outreach running. He taught me every aspect of it, how to pray ahead, plan, and execution. By God’s grace, I am following his footsteps to date.Writing and Publication: He made me a good Christian writer, author, and publisher per excellenceHomiletics: He taught me public speaking and how to effectively manage pulpit.
  • Writing and Publication: He made me a good Christian writer, author, and publisher per excellence.
  • Homiletics: He taught me public speaking and how to effectively manage pulpit.
  • Ethics: This is one of the major things I learned from him, this includes moral ethics ministerial ethics, financial ethics, relationship ethics, social ethics, and so on. These are valuable norms imbibed from him.
  • Management: I could remember on several occasions, how he sat me down taught me different types of management, and also showed me the practical aspect of it.
  • Financial intelligence and integrity. He took his time to instill all these financial attributes into my life. Also, has invested in my financial intelligence of managing wealth, multiplying, and sustaining it.
  • Ideal dressing and comportment: As far as he dislikes flamboyant lifestyles and dressing but loves simple, neat and quality and dignifying appearance and smelling nice all the time, these are what he made me do as well, and has become my lifestyle as well.
  • Global platform: God used him to raise me from a local platform to a global platform. Through him, I have had the privilege of traveling abroad to different nations of the world on several occasions to minister, among which are the United State of America (USA) London, Ireland, Cambridge, Scotland, and so on, to the glory of God.
  • Marital Uprightness: God used him to bring marital balance, peace, joy, and stability into my marriage at the point when the storm arose.
  • All round blessing: God has used him to bless me and my ministry financially and in all ramifications,


My father in the Lord, Pastor Wole Oladiyun in every way, is unique and stands out among other men of God as a result of the different ways he operates as far as the kingdom assignment is concerned.

  1. He’s a father that is fond of sharing the pulpit with his son. He was invited to minister at Pastor Leke Sanusi at RCCG Victory House, London, and on one of the days he was supposed to minster, took permission from the host and stepped down for me to minister, he also repeated the same gesture at RCCG Cambridge and several occasions at crusade ground and CLAM Headquarter general and ministers programmes.
  2. Fond of sharing his message notes and ministration bulletins, even before ministration and after ministration, this is unique to him among great generals of God.
  3. Giving his son and daughter in faith the opportunity to grow, manifest and explore their gifts and talent, giving them freedom of expression even to make mistakes and correct themselves.
  4. Takes note and always learn whenever any minister is ministering, not mending if the person is a younger minister or not.
  5. Always doing self-appraisal: He will categorically tell you where he is doing/done well and where he has not done well.
  6. He is a well-disciplined man of God. He always minds where he goes, what he eats, and the friends he keeps.
  7. He loves retreats more than running up and down. Whether he’s abroad or at home, he will always wait and stay indoors to pray, rehearse and plan over and over before coming out to minister.
  8. He easily apologises: when he discovers that he offends anyone or makes any mistake, he will call out and openly apologises. This is rare among great men of God like him.
  9. Associate with all: He loves his town, town people, every tribe and race, illiterate and literate young and old, all and sundry.
  10. An Erudite and fast learner: He has a good sense of knowledge in every aspect of life and profession, like farming, Law, Medicine, business, wellness, estate development, finance, and so on not limiting his knowledge to biblical issues only.
  11. He hates propaganda: Unlike many men of God that will always make unnecessary noise about how they have been a blessing to people, miracles and wonder under them, rather, He allows to God take glory in all he does for humanity.
  12. He’s a good time manager. He can minister on different aspects of life, sing, conduct deliverance, make an altar call, and make prophetic revelations within thirty minutes allocated and everyone will be blessed. He hates not keeping to an appointment, and spending unnecessary hours on any programme.
  13. He is a practical man of God that practices what he teaches and preaches.
  14. He is a genuine man of God, highly anointed, multi-talented, and gifted physically and spiritually, this can never be disputed.
  15. He is passionate about crusades and soul-winning. He will do everything possible to promote the propagation of the gospel.

Pastor Peace Akingunsoye, Senior Pastor, Calvary Freedom Apostolic Ministry, (CAFAM), Lagos, Nigeria.

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