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Eleven exceptional Nigerian women have been recognized by the media for their remarkable contributions to society.

The event was organized by Sabistation and is set to become an annual celebration.


The women were selected for their significant contributions to their respective fields and for breaking barriers and paving the way for future generations.

The webinar featured breakout sessions and Q&A sessions that allowed attendees to network and connect with the panelists.


The 11 Nigerian women being recognized for their outstanding contributions are BizGrant’s Stella Adebay, TheMrsOnline’s Olufunke Olubukola Samuel; Adaobi Sandra Ijoma, Founder of Nutrifix Naturals; Glory Ndidi Umerah, PRP Deputy Governor Candidate; Ololade Adenekan, founder Mrs Aviation Nigeria; Uyouyou Bamgbelu, GM of Zee Media Services; Ngozi Mercy Onuoha, entrepreneur/Development Coach; Sesi Toyin, the Emotional Wellness Coach; Anne Ekperi Eke, Beads Entrepreneur; Andrea Ekpenyong, Marriage Nurturer’s and Millicent Oare, founder of Delphi Foods and Lux Organic Farms.

Stella Adebay was recognized for her achievement in using technology to connect and enlighten over 5000 entrepreneurs and business owners in Nigeria and Ghana.


Through her efforts, she helped over 500 entrepreneurs to legally register their businesses, open business bank accounts, separate their personal and business finances, and achieve audacious sales targets.

Olufunke Olubukola Samuel was honored for her involvement in the Project Success Scoops initiative, which aims to gift one million Nigerian women with a communal high-powered gift for International Women’s Day celebrations.


Adaobi Sandra Ijoma was recognized for founding Nutrifix Naturals Advanced Product Range, which provides affordable products that help to restore and renew the body systems of men and women across Nigeria.

Bishop Glory Ndidi Umerah, the Deputy Governorship candidate for the Peoples Redemption Party in Delta State for the 2023 general election, was recognized for her numerous deeds for the widows and the girl child project.


Ololade Adenekan was recognized for her commitment to empowering young women in the aviation industry through the Miss Aviation Nigeria platform and promoting excellence and good service culture through her company, The Bankable Ollar.

Ngozi Mercy Onuoha, a successful entrepreneur and resource person, was acknowledged for her passion for teaching and empowering youths.


Andrea Ekpenyong, the founder of Marriage Nurturer, emphasizes the importance of dependence in relationships, as a way for couples to thrive in love.

According to her, people recognize that relationships require mutual dependence to achieve the main goal of being together.


As a certified coach, she offers various professional courses such as Premarital Counselling, Marriage Checklist, and Unlearning and Relearning Love. Uyouyou A. Bamgbelu is the General Manager of Zee Media Services Limited, and a highly successful career woman with a proven track record of driving growth and profitability in the media industry.

She was born and raised in Lagos, and after completing her Masters degree from Liverpool University, she began her career at Zee Media Services Limited, where she quickly climbed the ranks. Uyouyou Bamgbelu is committed to quality, innovation, and community involvement, and has earned numerous accolades. She is also an avid reader and a devoted wife.


Sesi Toyin is an emotional wellness coach who uses a unique approach that combines recreational activities with therapeutic practices to help high-achieving individuals attain emotional wellness.

Her approach has proven effective in achieving emotional resilience and bliss. Recently, she organized a ‘Paint and Sip’ therapy session that provided participants with guided meditation, peace, and calmness. She is being recognized for her outstanding contributions to mental health in Nigeria.

Lennox Mall

Millicent Oare is a public administrator and mushroom farmer who has discovered the medicinal properties of Pleurotus tuber-regium, a mushroom that can be cultivated easily.

Oare is promoting the mushroom on social media and aims to receive government support for farmers to buy seedlings. She plans to patent the mushroom or the growing process, emphasizing the potential of utilizing local resources and entrepreneurship to create sustainable livelihoods in the healthcare and food industries.


Anne Ekperi Eke is the founder of Dinsomniac Beads and Jaka By Agu1, which create beaded fashion accessories for men and women, including bracelets, necklaces, and bags.

Anne’s passion for beading began as a form of therapy and has since inspired others to use the craft for their emotional and mental wellness. She has established a successful business with her unique approach and dedication to helping people find their therapeutic solution through beading.


The media event was designed to inspire and empower the next generation of female leaders and was an exciting and informative occasion.

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