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A Nigerian mother is currently trending on social media after she gifted her little son a brand new car on his 10th birthday.

The young boy who clocked 10 on Friday, June 18th was showered with lots of gifts which included the luxury car by his mum.

Photos which showed the 10-year-old joyfully flaunting his new whip was shared by the company who deals in Surprises and giftboxes.

An Instagram follower @bjwisky wrote, “Hope say 9ja teachers no go Dey envy this boy like this 😂😂👏👏”.

@_empress_sugar wrote, “Sapa nice one…..10yrs old Pikin first me get car🥺🥺”.

@spaklean_skin wrote, “Who will drive him 😂😂”.


@chefjahy wrote, “Mummy bought him a car abbi mummy bought herself a car. The boy can’t drive until he is 18 na”.

@duke_of_alabama wrote, “Good one ! So he could be a formula 1 driver before 18 ! 😂😂😂”.


@pa_jethro wrote,

see photos below:

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