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It’s beyond prayer and fasting!

Whether you gree or not, nothing will change! So stop saying “I no go gree” without direction!

With inflation at more than 22% in Nigeria and multiple economic disruptions all over the world, you cannot do business as usual or anyhow!

Stop this “anyhowness” according to my friend and sister Victoria Madedor.

You own a business and don’t bother to examine what is happening around you! Then you join them to say “no gree for anybody”.

First, no one is following you, you are the one not leading yourself.


Second, no business is easier than the other. How you perform in a business depends on how well you know the business and your environment.

Final one is, your business results are a function of the choices you make.


đź’˘ How do you make business decisions?

đź’˘What kind of decisions do you make?


đź’˘Who are you making those decisons with?

This year, check yourself and the choices you make.

I beg you, don’t be like me when I was running a business without a clear direction! I prayed, I fasted, I bound my village people, but nothing changed until, I changed.

Nothing changed until I started working with a clear vision and strategy.


Even at that, it is still tough and requires a lot. Truth is, running any business is complex! Running a manufacturing one is even more complex.

Then running a farm or agribusiness is the ultimate in complexity!


Shout out to all farmers and those in the complex agribusiness space!






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