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Media personality Kikelomo Atanda-Owo has penned a touching note on social media in celebration of her husband Reuben Abati’s 58th birthday, assuring the broadcaster that he owns her.

Mrs Atanda-Owo, who has been married to the Arise TV anchor for three years, chose Mr Abati’s birthday to affirm that he owns her after revealing that she was always quick to disagree with him on it.

She began her note by praising her husband’s quest for knowledge. “I often find myself wondering, will d title of professor emeritus settle your hunger for knowledge?” she asked.

“In our closet banter Ruby, you jokingly claim ownership, saying that you own me & all I have. I’m always quick to retort that you don’t own me& that even my father does not use such words of ownership. Now, you’ve proven your mettle as a dignified man of esteem & full capacity.

Today, on your day, I acknowledge that with everything, you own me. I remain loyal to your kingdom. Your wisdom & guidance while interacting with younger peers exemplify your maturity, & your ability to manage me, an alpha woman with ambitions of my own, is truly commendable. I cherish every moment, even though I often wish our journey had started earlier,” Atanda-Owo wrote.

She also revealed Abati’s romantic nature, saying he regularly gives her flowers.


“Your regular flowers & kisses, if exchanged for riches, I would be a billionaire by now. Nonetheless, I am grateful because your morning kisses shows that simple things mean more in life than the ones we often attach importance to…

“Our weekend movie time & dancing to worship songs & secular songs in d privacy of our home add a special spice to our relationship,” she added.


Abati’s birthday comes one week after Atanda-Owo celebrated hers.



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