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By Temilolu Okeowo

DEAR Aunty Temilolu, I am 26 years old. When I was growing up I made up my mind to remain a virgin till my wedding night. I have 3 elder sisters and none is married. I have been so scared that I am not going to get married as well.  I kept up the fight till my 25th birthday last year. I began having doubts that if I stayed without a boyfriend I’d never get married and I needed someone that will be helping me financially and all the men coming wanted sex, so I decided to have a boyfriend and then deflowered myself.

Ma, I am ashamed of myself now because from November 2019 to October 2020, I have slept with six men and none of them have proposed marriage to me, the issue now is that they only want my body and nothing else!

I have become a shadow of myself, I am depressed and ashamed of myself. Each time I go through your articles especially the one you wrote about a 25-yr- old virgin that is getting married very soon, I cry in regret wondering why I didn’t wait for God’s time! God’s time is the best my brethren, please pray for me to stay chaste and wait for the right man. I am now waiting for God’s will on my matter. God will bless you ma!



Wow! Just wow!!! How can you preserve your virginity till 26 and then sleep with 6 guys in 11 months after all that painful endurance, all forms of embarrassments, and refusal to fall into temptation even in great lack? I tell you, it’s pointless wanting to subdue your flesh and preserve your virginity if you’re not possessed by the Spirit of God. Which power do you have to fight sexual urges when they come? “Sitting on” facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or your false lashes, wig, make-up…certainly not!


You need a higher power to be able to tame your flesh because fleshly lust is a spirit and your sexual urge even though normal- if not tamed could eventually control you and direct your life! Yes! And the earlier you get fired up in the Holy Spirit, the easier you will find it to preserve your virginity till your wedding night. The bible even confirms this in Acts 1:8 “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you…”

You have to be very determined and shut the world away!  You have to act as though you’re only in this world to please God otherwise, the world would get not only into your head but into your eyes, ears, heart and every sense of reasoning you have and influence you wrongly! This is a very serious matter!


You have to make conscious efforts especially when your parents haven’t laid a solid spiritual background for you! Even as we speak, a lot of parents don’t emphasize sexual purity to most of you, they just say it passively. What then can anyone do? And to think your sexual purity can enable you to amass enormous power to fight the ancestral battles that conquered your parents and made a mess of some lives. Unfortunately, before an average girl even discovers herself, her life is open to demonic invasion through sex.

And sadly, a lot of churches you’d rather attend would tell you, you don’t need the fire of deliverance as old things have passed away after you got born-again! Hmm…may the devil not sit permanently on your life and drive it as it likes! Just check out Miss C’s experience! I pray you would be massively, richly, and entirely sorted out in life by God by the time you are her age! Yes because under normal circumstances, a glorious and a wonderfully-wonderful life should be an outcome of a chaste life!


Miss C is on a spiritual reformation and God is going to make a spectacular showcase of her to the world. Here are more of my nuggets which would encourage you to stay chaste till your wedding night.

Girls, too many beautiful women are spiritually-ragged! Of what good is a rag? BY ALL MEANS STAY CHASTE!

Girls, you’re better off wearing rags than clothes gotten in exchange for sex! May God clothe you with unending, overwhelming, global honour in Jesus name!

It’s not enough to abstain from ungodly sex, you must be in the spirit always and guard your privacy! May our flesh not disgrace us in Jesus name!


Defiling your body- God’s temple is utter disregard for the Holy Spirit! May God not turn His back on you when you need Him most!

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