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A new brain teaser has people scratching their heads, but can you solve it? All you have to do is find the correctly spelt word among the sea of letters – in just 18 seconds.

We all know that keeping our mind healthy is as important as keeping the rest of our body in top shape, and one of the best workouts you can give your brain is by pushing yourself to solve puzzles that challenge you to think differently.

Optical illusions and brain teasers are a great way of helping to improve the brain’s ability to perceive and interpret visual information accurately, and with a little practice, you could train your brain to crack difficult puzzles in no time.

And a new brain teaser has left people scratching their heads, as they struggle to work it out before time runs out – can you solve it?


Can you find the correctly spelt word? (Image: Fresherslive)

The teaser challenges players to find the correctly spelt word among the sea of letters, as although most of the words shown in the picture are spelt “daet”, there is one that is spelt the right way, “date”.


According to Freshers Live, only 2% of people can find the word “date” in the image, and you’ll have to be quick if you want to count yourself in the top bracket too – as you only have 18 seconds to find it.

Have you worked it out yet?


Don’t worry if you haven’t, we’ll give you a clue – the word you’re looking for is toward the top right of the image.

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The word is in the top right of the image (Image: Fresherslive)


The word “date” was the last word written on the second row, and once you’ve spotted it, it’s hard to miss as it seems to stand out like a sore thumb.

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Source: Mirror

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