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PART 1: In 1998, a 21 year old Nigerian soldier named Hassan Adeyemo from Ibadan met and fell in love with an 18 year-old beautiful Hausa girl from Bauchi called Sarah. It was love at first sight.

They got married in 1999 and God blessed them with a beautiful daughter in 2000. After her, they had two other daughters and one boy, making 4 kids. Hassan loved his wife so much and told her not to work because of stress. He was providing everything she ever wanted for her and the kids…

PART 2: In 2014, Hassan wanted a better life for his family, so with his wife’s agreement, he decided to send them to the U.S. Sarah and the kids entered the United States in 2014.

Before they got there, Hassan already arranged a rented house and a car for them. Sarah wasn’t working, Hassan was sending big money to them for upkeep from Nigeria every month. Despite the distance, Hassan bonded with his wife and kids. Everyone was happy.

In 2017, Hassan, who had missed his family so much, decided to relocate to America and stay with them.

PART 3: Before Hassan got to America, Sarah had started hair braiding just to keep herself busy when the kids were in school. Everyone loved her and the way she braided beautiful styles. Gradually, she became a household name in Orlando, Florida. Ladies flooded her to do their hair.

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The unfortunate victims of the tragedy

What she was doing for fun became something big overnight. Hassan entered the US, and things were going smoothly. Hassan who was a big man in Nigeria, left everything and came to America to start all over with menial jobs. He had no papers yet, so he was doing jobs that paid him peanuts.

PART 4: God blessed them with a baby boy in 2018, making their children a total of 5. Sarah was making at least 1,000 a day with the help of her daughters who she had trained. She was very fast and efficient in braiding. With this income, she was able to support the family with all expenses because Hassan’s income couldn’t meet up with the expenses/bills.


Hassan got his papers and started Uber and delivery jobs. He worked from day to night and started contributing his quota to the family, but his contributions was like a change to his wife Sarah, was making. In effect, Sarah became the breadwinner of the house.

PART 5: Issues started because Sarah was always complaining that Hassan couldn’t afford her lifestyle. She became the children’s favorite because she gave them everything they asked for, while their dad could not meet up. Sarah entered the house whenever she wished. She became the boss, always calling Hassan lazy and useless, while Hassan always appealed to her for peace to reign.


Hassan, a gentleman didn’t like trouble in any form. Sarah and the children formed their own group in the house and abandoned their dad to always sort himself out. Sarah stopped cooking for him.

PART 6: Hassan became depressed and was always begging friends and family members to help talk to his wife. Hassan was always crying like a baby, saying Sarah made him feel less of a man in the house. His friends encouraged him to persevere and ignore whatever she did.

In January 2022, Sarah announced to Hassan that she had bought a house. They moved into the new house, and she continued to treat him very badly. She disrespected him so much, “Leave my house if you cannot obey me, you irresponsible man,” she would often say.

PART 7: She locked him out in the cold so many times and threw his things out. The children were on their mother’s side because she was the provider. Hassan became very depressed, and started having suicidal thoughts. He told his friends how life is unfair, and that he would kill himself. They advised him to leave the marriage because it was obvious that his wife was no longer in love with him, but he kept on asking, “Where will I start from? I love my wife. A woman I have invested all my life in. The only woman I ever loved. What did I do to deserve this from her?”


PART 8: April 2023, Sarah told him she had bought another house that this particular house is specifically for her and her customers. She told Hassan to hold onto the boys while the girls followed her to the new house. Hassan was like, ” Why do you want to separate the family?” She said, “If everyone followed her to the new house, it would disturb my customers. She then told the husband that he could bring the boys over for weekends, but he can’t come with them, “because I need my privacy.” People tried to talk to Sarah, but she wouldn’t listen. Hassan agreed, hoping that his wife would change her mind.

PART 9: On August 21, 2023, Sarah informed Hassan that she would like for her sons to move in with her, while Hassan remains in the old house. She instructed Hassan to move all of her remaining property, and that of the children from the old house where Hassan was staying to the new one, where she lives.


She then told Hassan that whenever he wished to see the children, he should let her know, so she could arrange for the visits. So, Hassan told her he would do as she had instructed, and take the remaining property of hers to the house on Friday night, which he did. Sarah didn’t let him enter the house. She took all the belongings he brought and the boys and left Hassan outside. Hassan remained at the door for almost an hour knocking, Sarah refused to open the door for him.

PART 10: The following day, August 26, was Hassan’s 46th birthday. Early that morning, Sarah sent him a message, “Happy Birthday friend, we are better off as friends than lovers.” “You need to look for where you’ll be staying because I have to get rid of the old house. I wish you well in life, I have moved on.” A few hours later, the children called their dad to get some groceries, and he told them he would bring them in the evening. At about 6:30 PM, he called the kids, that he was on his way to the house with the groceries. When he got there, he knocked, and the children opened the door for him.

Lennox Mall

FINAL PART: Hassan then asked for their mom, and they told him he was in the shower. He entered and went to the bathroom, brought out a gun, and shot her in the head, in the chest, and in the leg. He then called 911, “Hello, I just killed the bitch.” This is the address, I am waiting for you.” He sat down on the floor beside Sarah’s body.

The cops came, and the first responders rushed Sarah to the hospital, she was still breathing. She died two hours after she got to the hospital. Mr. Adeyemo is now at the Orange County Jail in Florida. He is most likely facing a death sentence or life in prison without parole.



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