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The Democrats are sluggish slobs who need to learn something from vicious Republicans whose only goal is focused on winning the next election by doing everything to guarantee their victory or success.

They flood the Judiciary with Republican-leaning judges who think and behave like them regardless of what the Law says.

They take voting rights away from Blacks and the Minorities and the poor Americans who constitute the voting blocks for the Democrats.

If the Republicans have their way the Democrats would never again be allowed to win any election in America. I would be that blunt because it is the truth.

They introduce voter suppression laws that would tie the hands and blur the conscience of Republican Judges who are hired to interpret those Laws in all of the states and Local Governments controlled by the Republicans nation-wide

The Republicans quickly dropped the provisions for Filibuster when they knew it was going to be an obstacle to them to do what they had wanted to do but they happily embraced it when they knew they could use it to block or sandbag or demonize the Democrats from achieving anything even when they have the power in their hands so to do.


Naive and shortsighted Party members like senators Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema are two for a Penny in the Democratic Party but a rarity in the Republican Party.

A delusional lunatic like Donald Trump would long have been rejected and rusticated or jettisoned, if he were to be a Democrat.


Valuable Democrats like Senators Al Franken, a worthy Democrat was forced to resign by members of his own Party for an irritant offense that would have been absorbed and dismissed as irrelevant if he were to be a Republican.

I am terribly upset as a consultant and a dye-in-the- wool Democrat who has more more often than not voted for the Democrats all my life.


I must not end this without blaming myself for being among the first columnists in New York to advise Governor Andrew Cuomo to resign because of the allegations against him.

I ought to have waited to hear the outcome of the Letitia James investigation against him before insisting he had to resign. I was insane to say that. Now I know.

I am happy and even pleased with the Governor that he rejected my advice and he promised he would not quit until he knows the outcome of the Probe against him.

I apologize to Andrew Cuomo this morning and next time I would resist rushing to judgment that quickly because I want to prove that the Democrats are more disciplined and more sacrosanct than the Republicans.


When voters give you power they expect you to use that power.

The Republicans understand that prism far better than we timid Democrats.


Republicans like Manafort. Ruddy Guilliani, Roger stone, Postmaster General DeJoy, Congressman Gaetz and lousy Brigadier General Michael Flynn who wants the Military to stage a Coup would have been fed to the Lions if he were to be a Democrat for making a treasonous statement that would have been viewed as a Heresy by the Democrats.

The announcement made by President Biden this morning in the picture captured below on his accomplishments in office would have been blown out of proportion by the Republicans because they know how to use cheap propaganda and blackmail to score a point.

Lennox Mall

That awesome announcement would have dominated the air waves for the next 6 months if he were to be a Republican.

A rapid response team would have picked up on where the President had stopped this morning to let the whole world know and appreciate what the Democrats have achieved if they are better politicians than the Republicans.


I rest my case.

Dr. Wumi Akintide.


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