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The world records body says it is aware of Hilda Baci's cookathon. Photo credit: Hilda Baci and Guinness World Records. Source: Instagram Read more:
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The Guinness World Records (GWR) has revealed that they have received over 1,500 applications from individuals in Nigeria within two months

The craze of Guinness World Record attempts gained momentum after Nigerian chef, Hilda Baci broke the record for the longest cook-a-thon by an individual in May.

After chef Hilda Baci achieved a remarkable feat by setting the record for the longest cooking marathon by an individual, a significant number of Nigerians have eagerly embraced this trend.

The organization responsible for maintaining the records said many Nigerians have eagerly embraced this trend following Hilda Baci’s successful attempt.

The record body said:
“The attention and excitement that Hilda Baci’s cooking marathon gained was certainly an incentive for many Nigerians to consider attempting a Guinness World Records title.

“Since her record attempt, there has been a spike in applications from Nigeria, particularly for marathon records.”


“We have received over 1,500 record applications from Nigeria since the start of May”.

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