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I don’t know whether or not to thank Roli for linking me up with Bishop Roland Andrews, the highly resourceful clergyman, who has turned me into a lustful captive. What started as a pleasure ride for me is fast becoming a steady slide into pressures.
Roli works as a Front Desk Executive at the popular G-light Resorts, Warri, Delta State, Nigeria.
With the nature of her job, Roli interfaced with different classes of guests, mostly the rich, the famous and the influential. Of course, only the moneyed class can afford to lodge in G-light. The job has been a blessing and a burden on Roli whose marriage crashed because of her unrestrained coquetry with some male guests.

Consequently, she resolved to steer clear of amorous relationships with any guests, notwithstanding the temptations. It was in the heat of this repentance that Bishop Roland showed up in the hotel.
Stout with broad shoulders, athletic strides and a well-trimmed moustache, Bishop Roland, had a missionary project that regularly brought him to Warri. He was based in Asaba.
Roli welcomed the bishop with utmost courtesies. The man of God was happy with the facilities and the facilitators. He had barely settled down in his deluxe room when he started toasting Roli through the intercom. Soon, he asked if she wouldn’t mind spending the night with him in his room. Roli politely declined. He pestered her but she was unyielding. Then, the bishop changed his strategy. He begged Roli to help look for another lady who would keep his company for the night. Roli sent for me.
I arrived at the hotel with bated breath; not knowing exactly what lay ahead of the invite. Roli ushered me in and introduced me to the bishop. Thereafter, she left.
Now alone with my new friend, we wasted no time on pleasantries. He drew me close to himself, gave me a kiss and unzipped my frock, cavorting with my body, endeavouring to unfasten my floral bra. As the hook snapped, my breasts heaved on his broad chest. His bulging cock rustled beneath his pants, wrestling for a chance to stretch. I felt the whiff of the raging rod and I dipped my hands in his skivvies, grabbed the semen soiled dick. “Whoops,” he moaned as he lay me unclad, clutching my clitoris, clasping my nipples simultaneously. I was squirming and screaming in a boundless delight. His long, curvy cock swam into my wet pussy, thrusting waggly.
After the first round of sex, we settled down for an engaging conversation, that ranged from politics to religion and contemporary music. Meanwhile, we had placed an order for our dinner. After the meal, he made love to me again. And we both slept off.
I woke up early the following morning as I needed to go home, change my dress before going to work. The previous night, I had come directly from the office after I received Roli’s call.
As I was set to leave, I tapped the bishop who was still in deep slumber. He roared back to life, stretching and yawning. He opened his briefcase, handed me a swiss wristwatch, a Samsung Galaxy Note phone and a cash gift of twenty thousand naira! I knelt in genuine appreciation of his magnanimity. I left.
The bishop and I continued to relate on phone. We exchanged love messages and he sent me daily devotional charges. Three weeks later, he came back to Warri and spent five days. I stayed with him throughout his visit. We became very close. Though crazy and unreasonable, I fell in love with the man of God who is not only married but whose relationship with me offended his calling as a clergyman. He seemed happy with our love life and didn’t want anything to stop us. We have dated for over two years now but I’m not finding it funny again. At 36, I don’t have any serious relationship. My boyfriend, Richard, broke up with me last year when he found out that I was sleeping with the bishop.
Ironically, it was Roli who introduced me to the priest. She was also the one who exposed me to Richard. Roli became jealous of my relationship with the bishop when I told her what the man was doing for me. She regretted not dating him. Eventually, she sold out and Richard walked out of my life.

All attempts to sever ties with the bishop have been unsuccessful. I love him though I know that I’m merely driven by lust. He, too, has not helped my situation in any way. When I told him that my boyfriend broke up with me, he said I shouldn’t worry about it. He promised to matchmake me with someone in his church in Asaba. He did actually. But the man is a 70yr-old widower whereas the bishop is 55. I complained about his choice of an old man for me. He insisted that it was the best choice that would allow us to continue dating secretly. He said a young man would completely take me away.

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